7 Things Men Needs to Know for Body Waxing

Full body waxing has now become a hot trend to have a smooth skin and is not just limited to women. Men nowadays are striving hard to look sexy and prefer waxing over masculine hairlines.

Waxing is by far the better and longer lasting hair removal method as compared to razors and hair removal creams. Especially, Brazilian wax does wonders for the most intimate regions. If you are new to the world of waxing, here is a detailed guide to know about full body waxing for men.

Full body waxing is quite preferred by men to get rid of unwanted hair and smelly sweat, especially in the hot summer months. Usually men look forward for full bikini and bun areas waxing. However, full body waxing is a better idea, as it will include the neck down area, back and chest along with full Brazilians.

waxing for men

Pain Factor

Usually, men are unaware of the pain quotient of the waxing procedure. If you are getting ready for full body waxing, be prepared for baring the pain it brings. Though, you will experience a feeling of discomfort, but the pain is not really a big deal. You might feel it in the initial pull ups, but later you will get an idea to deal with it.

Little piece of advice

If you are planning to have waxing at home, do not even think about it. Waxing men’s bikini area is a tough and sensitive job and needs a proper aesthetician. It can turn into seriously dangerous thing if not dealt properly. With improper waxing method, you can damage your blood vessels and bruise your skin.

Prepare Yourself

You need to be physically and mentally prepared for full body waxing. Before going for the waxing session, you should be clean and freshly showered. Avoid using any kind of lotions, deodorants and creams after showering to get the optimal results of your waxing.

Make sure you are hairy enough to get the maximum benefit for what you are paying. Your hair length should be long enough to rest flat on your skin. Avoid doing any shave or razor for at least 20 days prior to your waxing appointment. Longer hairs are easy and comfortable to remove during waxing procedure and need lesser pull ups.

men waxing tips

Be Relaxed

Ease up your mind before going for your waxing session. Wear comfortable and loose clothing to avoid the post-wax irritation. Make yourself relaxed and calm to get good hair removal results.

About Waxing Session

Getting a little know-how about waxing session is extremely important. You should know that you will be asked to remove your clothes and even your undergarments in a waxing room. Don’t feel shy; as aesthetician will just be doing his/her job. In addition, men are provided with the option to wear a disposable thong during the waxing treatment.

The Procedure

Your aesthetician will clean your skin to prevent any possible presence of bacteria and germs. Your hair length will then be examined and trimmed if necessary. Your aesthetician will perform the waxing procedure and you may be asked to hold the lose skin taut.

men hair waxing


Once you got rid of all your hair, you will be asked to check the results. For intimate areas, your aesthetician might apply a soothing lotion that will ease up your discomfort. Once you are satisfied with the job done, you can dress up with your loose clothes. You will feel the smoothness of your hairless body. Men used to of shave will definitely love the results as they may enjoy the longer-lasting smoothness of skin.

If you are married, your wife will surely love this new change and smoother body. Body waxing is widely popular these days and is mostly preferred by swimmers, sportsmen, athletes, and body builders to stay hairless during their activities. However, business professionals also opt for body waxing to avoid the issues of sweating and body odor during their work timings.

Full body waxing is an excellent way to flaunt your beach body this summer. Give your loved ones a pleasant surprise with your smoother body.

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