5 Fashion Gadgets Your Mom Never Know About

Mom’s knows it all! You believe that? well there are things and gadgets that even the coolest mom’s won’t be able to tell you about, so sorry moms it is just not your day today because you can’t tell your kids about the gadgets we can, which would make this generation totally cool and impressive by possessing them, provided there are people who do misuse these technologies as well. But you don’t even have to worry about it as long as you stick to this, because we would be even talking about that later on.

Smart Key:

Starting off with the cars, mostly mums don’t have knowledge about cars but those who do; they have surely never mention the smart key system. It is an electronic system which works for your car in locking, unlocking and igniting the vehicle just by keeping it in your pocket.

Smart Key

It is the latest technology these days and undoubtedly the coolest. It provides a high level security to your car, so get ready to go keyless.

Mac Book Pro:

Who does not have a laptop these days? Hah! No one, you all have one and your mom must have told you that it’s quite useful and all but what she missed is that there is more to laptops and that is our very own Mac book pro.

Mac Book Pro

Its processor is superfast and battery timing is just wow, unmatchable to any other personal computer. The major characteristic that makes it cooler is its sleek aluminum profile and retina display, it’s the same technology used in ipads and iphones.

Ready for Touch?

Ya! Ya! You all are well aware of the touch systems in phones, LCDS etc. but that’s not what we are talking about here.


So, get a hold on yourself and wait, it’s the touch smart ultra book that we are talking about here. Yes! You heard it right; the ultrabook is an amazing combo of touch screen and fully functional laptop functions. It is easy to you and makes your life blissful than ever.

Smart Phones:

From a toddler to an old person, everyone possesses a personal smart phone, in fact it seems like the kids today are born with smart phone.

Smart Phones

You mom must have told you all the specifications of it and that its pros, cons and all the guidelines but what she didn’t is that whatever you capture from that phone or whatever picture is being uploaded from that phone, it is a track of you that you are leaving behind.

Anyone can track where you had been, where you live, the places that you visit quite often in fact all the details about you just though that simple image taken from your  phone. So be aware next time you upload a picture because someone might be using it to haunt to down!

Smart watches or smart rings?

Smart rings

Tired of forgetting to wear your watch every day, here is the thing for you. Why wear a watch when a simple, classy ring can entertain you the same way perfectly. The smart ring is the solution to your problems, so why carry a so much weight. It is the key to your smart phone as well as you can control all the alerts without touching your phone and without your professor knowing that you’re using your phone in the class.

It is made of stainless steel, light and easily wearable. It does not show you time alone, it also keeps you updated about your social media accounts. It provides you security as it is synchronized with your phone so even your mom can’t touch your phone now because the alarm goes on. What else you can ask for?

So moms you don’t know everything, there are things you need to learn as well with the passing time. These were things that even your mom never told you about fashion gadgets.

Advancement in the technology can be seen from the latest fashion gadget. So here we bring epic gadgets to make you a trend setter!

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