5 Effective Ways to Lose Weight In Your Sleep

First of all take note of the fact that an improper sleep at night can make you irritable and added to that result in weight gain. To explain this further, it is comprehensive research that tells us that if you sleep less than 8 hours it will adversely affects the level of the stress hormone cortisol.

That is not enough and there is more to it. The stress hormone also negatively effects the cut microbes thus causing slowing down of the metabolism.

Getting a poor night’s sleep doesn’t just make you cranky—it can also make you fat. Research shows logging less than 8 hours a night increases your levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which negatively affects the microbes in your gut, slowing the body vitality.

Based on this it is desirable for you to take simple steps that are shared below. This will keep the metabolism on the right track.

1. Lift Weights At Night

The first guideline is to make sure that when you are free from work, your first target is to hit the dumbbells rack. Through dumbbell exercising, the metabolic rate gets the required boost and for the next 16 hours you will feel full of energy.

2. Protein shake has to be upgraded and enhanced

The use of whey protein products becomes useful. This is a slow release protein which digests over 8 hours and the good thing is that the digestion is gradual. Additionally it keeps the metabolism firing all though the night. More benefits are that it enhances protein synthesis. In turn this enables use to reduce 35 calories in a day for every new pound of muscle that is gained.

4. Take an icy Shower

The icy shower helps to flush out lactic acid that has been picked up during the course of gym activity. In this regard it only takes a 30 seconds freeze to activate your brown fat. This brown fat gets active and melts almost 400 calories in bed. Another hint is that you must place your head and shoulders under the tap, as a considerable brown fat is stored in those areas.

4. Drink Green Tea

The group of water soluble plant pigments including flavones are there in green tea. These help to boost the metabolism. You don’t have to worry about the element of caffeine. Green tea will not have any adverse affect on your sleep.

5. The room where you sleep should be cool

Remember to keep the temperature in the range of 66 degrees Fahrenheit. This reduces and cuts 7 percent more calories as the body has to the work harder to maintain its required temperature.

Here are five science-backed suggestions to lose weight while you sleeping.

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