4 Secrets of A Smooth Shave

Men grooming is an important part of every men life. Men grooming includes number of aspect like dressing, the perfume they wear and a smooth shave. Smooth shave? Why smooth shave? You must be thinking what has smooth shave to do with men grooming. Smooth shave is very important factor of men grooming. As we all know shaving is a very dangerous activity.

You will not agree upon this fact with me. But for a second let’s consider about what is the main tool for shaving? Yes a blade. Scary it is. You can die or injure yourself seriously if mishandled. You can hurt yourself during shave. If your skin is not well lubricated or it is too dry to face the blade then you can seriously upset yourself. Women can never face or understand how dangerous to shave is.

Men face scratches, cuts and even skin irritation. Men should be groomed to avoid these problems of shave. Solution to shaving problem is a smooth shave. But now question arises, how can we avoid all the dangerous things that a blade can do to our face and get a smooth shave? It’s really easy. There are four tips for men grooming in getting a smooth shave.

  1. Shave when showering for a smooth shave
  2. To have a smooth shave our skin should be moist. If we notice in our whole day when our skin is most moist then will know that it is after taking shower.  We should shave after taking shower to get a smooth shave. We can make shave part of our daily bathing. In this way we can dodge all the unsafe outcomes of shaving.

  3. Lubricate well for a smooth shave
  4. Most of the people do before shave is that they apply lubricant and starts shaving. In this way you can never get a smooth shave. You should apply lubricant effectively to get a smooth shave. Apply your shaving gel or foam. Massage your skin for about 30secs, and then wait for a minute. This will form a smooth lubricating cushion on your skin. Now shave to get a smooth shave.

  5. Use face scrub for a smooth shave
  6. Using a face scrub before shaving is really an effective art to get a smooth shave.Using face scrub will open the pores of your skin and will make it smooth. Scrub also washes away the dead skin from your face thus you get a smooth shave and also save you from any sort of skin allergy or irritation caused by the blade.

  7. Sharp blade for a smooth shave
  8. Sharp blade and smooth shave? Dangerous yet effective to get a smooth shave. Never fight with your beard by using a several time used blade. If blade will be sharp it will cut your beard smoothly and give you a smooth shave.

To get a smooth shave avoid all the cuts and irritation during shave we should use a sharp blade and our skin should be well lubricated. It is important for men to be groomed for smooth shaving.

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