14 Insane (But True) Things about Golf

Golf is a ball game that is played in a ground and it is one of those ball games that do not require a special area of standard.

The less number of strokes you play the more you get closer to winning the game. It is an outdoor game and its origin goes back to Scotland.

Games are important for a healthy mind and life, in fact golf is a perfect game to keep you healthy and physically fit.

You think you know everything about golf? No not so fast! Here are some of the most amazingly interesting facts about golf that you have never known before

1. Luck or Skills:

Well skills goes matter but when it comes to golf you need as good luck as your skills, therefore it is fortune that decides whether you win or lose, not you.

2. Fitness for Golf:

Golf is game that is all about cigars, drinks, chitchats and caddies. It is hard to point out a golfer as fitness really doesn’t matter in golf nor does the muscles, so they don’t really look like athletes.

3. Two Holes in One Shot:


If you expect to make two hole-in-ones in a round of golf, you should better know that the expectance of it is one in a more than 60 plus million, so forget about it.

4. Walk:

A person who plays golf walks an average of 10.5 kilometers at least, which means loss of uncountable calories just in a week.

5. Health Facts:

Its helps in the better working of your heart and keeps your body strong and fit. It also makes your muscles healthier and helps you lose body fats. Due to the open surroundings you take in fresh air that keeps your mind fresh and it a great source of stress reliever.

6. Vision:

Not many people know this but golf actually improves your sight and vision. Looking at the far grass stretched to miles sharpens your sense of sight.

golf game

7. Socializing Platform:

Love to socialize? This is just the game for you. Golf helps you make new friends and important contacts, as the most elite class and entrepreneurs are addicted to golf. It gives you the chance to meet different people from different social background and it also develops a sense of community connectedness in you.

8. Hole in One:

Putting a the golf in hole in one shot is not difficult but in fact considered impossible, but a 12.5-13-year old girl made a record of hole-in-one and is now known in the world of golf all across the world.

9. Self-confidence:

Golf is the only game that helps you enhance your self-confidence, self-esteem, focus and emotional strength as it is considered to be the most difficult game of all games today.

10. Improves Focus:

Golf balls

Problem concentrating and focusing, golf is the right game to fix the problem. Golf helps you improve your concentrating skills as golfers have to maintain focus on your shot and swing in order to make a successful move. It makes you concentrate on the ongoing task hard and makes you think faster.

11. Nobody Cares:

The most insane and truth things about golf is that nobody really cares what you are doing, how you are playing and whether you are winning or losing the game.

It is the only game where people around you are least bother about the fact that whether you are playing the game the right way or wrong. No one will ever notice you how you swing your club. Know it or not just go out and make your move because no one is even looking at you.

12. Golf Cart:

The most expensive golf cart doesn’t look like a cart instead it looks like a luxurious car and it costs more than fifty thousand dollars.

golf in pakistan

13. Digital Golf Gloves:

A German company has developed a digital glove known as a sensoglove that can detect the pressure exerted by the golfer on the club and helps adjust the grip so that you make a perfect swing.

14. Men Only:

There is a myth about golf that it can only be played by men but women have proved it wrong by being one of the best golf players in the world.

Golf is one of the most played games all over the world. It is popular and liked by majority of people. Here are few facts about the game.

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