10 Warning Signs Of Bad Posture

Our lifestyles are such that we are likely to opt for a bad posture and without our realizing it this develops into a habit. We spend hours and hours in front of the computer, then there is the smart phone continuous usage and habits like this result in a hunch back like posture. So the need is to immediately mend your ways of sitting and take notice of the ten signs relating to bad posture.

1. The hunchback posture

The hunch postures involve sitting style where there is an increased curve on your mid-back or between your shoulder blades. Such a sitting style needs immediate correction as it leads to a forward carriage and slumped shoulders. Completely avoid this.

2. Tilting of shoulders

There is a need to avoid tilting of shoulders. This becomes visible if you look at your mirror reflection and notice a higher tilt to one side. This look means that your posture is bad and not desirable. You must go for corrective measures.

3. Flat feet

Through poor posture we end up with flat feet which turn out to be the result when arches in your foot collapse. Remember that flat feet change the biomechanics of the body and adversely affect posture.

4. Tilting the head forward

Be conscious of this posture. In case you are in the habit of putting your head forward, this has to be avoided as it is a bad posture. By putting the head forward, the muscles and joints are under stress and result in pain and some permanent adverse structural body changes.

5. Rolling up of Shoulders

When you indulge in sitting for long hours, in particular the act of sitting in front of a computer, you end up with rolled shoulders. The action of rolled up shoulders depresses the chest and causes tightening of related chest muscles and also results in weakness in neck.

6. The Slouching pose

The slouching pose is a sign that becomes noticeable when you slump by not using any support for the lower back. This has to be avoided as negatively affects the muscles and soft tissues.

7. Keeping the back flat

At times you pick up the habit of keeping the pelvis tucked in and maintaining a too straightened back rather than opting for a natural curve. Such a posture becomes the cause of a stoop and then you loose the ability to stand up for a long time.

8. Butt prominently sticking out

Lower back curve makes the bottom stick out. This awkward posture results from wearing heels, pregnancy or too much weight on the tummy.

9. Tilting on one leg

There is a need to avoid leaning too much on one leg during the standing pose. Here it is emphasized that you must use the hips and core muscles to stay upright. If this is not done there will be excessive pressure exerted on one side of your lower back and pain will trouble you. Another negative aspect is that muscle imbalance around the pelvis will bring forth muscular strain.

10. Use the phone in cradle style

When listening to the phone, the general practice is to grasp and hold the phone in a way that it stays between the ear and shoulder in turn straightening the muscles of the neck, upper back and shoulders. This is not a proper posture. It places unnecessary pressure on the muscles, hence corrective action is required.

Find out the 10 most important Bad posture signs to look for to see if you have.

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