10 Gym Mistakes to Avoid

Exercise is the most essential part of today’s life style. Without exercise and proper guy your body gets out of shape, your joins gets weak, your muscles get loosen up and your become more venerable to serious diseases like, blood pressure, heart attacks, arthritis etc. One cannot ignore the core benefits of workout, it not only keeps you mentally and physically fit but at the same time it increases your mortality rate. A sound and healthy body leads to a peaceful and blissful life.

Exercise does not require a lot of your life and effort. You just need a chunk of time out of your whole day in order to stay healthy. If you still do not get special time for workout try getting more active and get yourself involved me more healthy activates like doing the house hold chores yourself or taking stairs up instead of an elevator.

People who are more conscious about outlook and physical appearances join proper gym in order to get in shape. But before you join a gym there are few things that you need to closely consider and for those who have already joined it and are not satisfied with the results, they already make these mistakes while working out at gym, so these are the things you should avoid while working out.

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1. Not Getting Proper Warm-Up:

Getting a proper warm up before starting a workout is the most important thing that most people over look as they do not give it any importance but a proper warmup is very important as it increases your recovery chances and makes your muscles healthier.

2. Gripping the Treadmill Rails:

Most of us find it easier to run on the treadmill while holding on to the tread mill rails but that is a wrong way as it decreases the amount of calories that should burnt while running, besides that there is a greater risk of getting an injury due to the use of improper form of the body. Do not hold the rails and incline forward, stand straight and firm as that is the right position for the body while doing tread mill.

3. Inappropriate Body Positions on Exercise Bicycle:

Sitting too high or too low on an exercise bicycle is a common mistake most people do. This can lead to back strains and injuries. It can also affect your leg veins leading to swear pains.


4. Not Maintaining the right weight on Weight Machines:

Weight machines are originally designed for men but gym instructors these days are making women adaptable to them as well. The mistake people make is the use of right amount of weight for your body. Too much weight can lead to serious injuries.

5. Wearing Improper Shoes to Gym:

Wearing the right type of shoes can save you from getting injured can provide you with a more fruitful result while working out. Do not wear shoes that are slippery.

6. Tucking Chin in Chest while doing Stomach Crunches:

People use the wrong ways of doing stomach crunches that is reason why they do not get proper weight loss that includes tucking your chin into your chest and not holding your breath properly while going backward.


7. Squat Lifting:

Avoid collapsing your knees while you squat as it can damage your ligaments. Try keeping your toes and knees in the same direction.

8. Use of a Single Machine:

Many people work out on a single machine and do not try to move on to another or a variety of workout machines. They prefer using the one they are good at which is wrong as it will stop making you lose more weight. Consult your trainer for proper advice.

9. Not Consulting a Proper Gym Trainer:

It is extremely important to consult a proper gym trainer before starting your workout as you do not know which machines and exercises are important for you. Use of wrong postures can lead to major injuries.

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10. Empty Stomach:

In the urge of losing weight people avoid eating and they usually start workout with empty stomach which is very dangerous for your health. It makes your metabolism weak.

Exercising is one of the essential parts of the daily routine. Avoiding major mistakes while exercising is what makes exercise effective.

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