10 Classic Mens Fragrances Worth Having

If you want to get fail-free fragrance and to groom yourself then choose one of our top 10 men’s fragrances worth having list.

1- Jo Malone’s Sweet Lime and Cedar:

If you need an aroma that defines the quintessential man-about-town then choose this absolutely define fragrance. It is perfect for first date. This fragrance is unique blend of fresh fruits, delicate flowers and spices. Jo Malone’s Sweet Lime and Cedar is the just right mix of liveliness and pride.

2- Calvin Klein Eternity for Men:

Calvin Klein’s Eternity truly matched the test of time in proving its supreme quality and superior aroma. This fragrance is a blend of classic and contemporary. It is carefully brewed from the extracts of patchouli, sandalwood, mandarin, freesia and sage. This assertive perfume is ideal for date nights, to reflect your confident and amiable personality.

3- Boss Bottled:

It is most famous due to its supple, sensual vanilla note, masculine woody base notes and the crunchy, ripe apple note. Boss Bottled has become an eternal fixture on worldwide top ten best-sellers fragrance lists. Its elegance, luxury and enduring popularity has made it a true ‘contemporary classic’.

4- Aramis Classic:

It is same as its name Aramis “classic”. It is launches in 1964 but still going strong due to its warm and intensely masculine merge of citrus, bergamot, sage, sandal wood and leather.

It is a big, punchy scent that suits for evenings; artifice images of softly lit gentleman’s clubs, precious leather bound books and the evocative whiff of cigars.

5- Dolce and Gabbana Pour Homme:

This is simply the fragrance profile that will leave you confused, a bottle of contradictions. It is an eclectic mix of bergamot, natural lavender, sandal wood and tobacco. The resulting aroma profile is sexy yet informal, charming yet complex.

6- Old Spice:

While it’s easy to write off this iconic fragrance as an old-fashioned anachronism, look underneath the arrogance. What you will find is a fragrance that is endured for one simple reason; it’s fantastic and mantastic.

7- Bleu de Chanel:

Blue de Chanel is the electrifying mix of citrus, vetiver and pink pepper which calls for a extremely mannish profile that completely embodies the contemporary man.

8- Armani Code:

The fragrance contains a profusion of sinful odors which is a blend of bergamot, lemon, olive tree blossom, guaiacum wood and Tonka bean. This sexy fragrance is great for the striving man of the city.

9- Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme:

The proficient and sophisticated style of YSL’s L’Homme is an exclusive blend of oriental spices that evokes both sensuality and classiness. The perfume is reputed for providing a sense of class. With the fragrant mingle of cedar wood, white ginger and bergamot; its appealing profile is appropriate for all occasions.

10- Gucci Guilty Pour Homme:

It is a seductive merge of lime, lavender and coriander and then become one of the wonderful scents for guys with mystifying personalities. The wicked blend of sexy with attraction and charisma with innocence, is what makes this scent irresistible to ladies.

Among all the astonishing fragrances there are perhaps less than fifty that have survived fads and fashions to attain classic and fulfill mens demand and satisfaction.

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