Your Pre-Pregnancy Diet

Are you planning a baby and want to conceive? Do you think that your body is ready to make a baby? Well, if you are trying to get into the phase of baby making, its time you should overhaul your eating habits by replacing it with your pre-pregnancy diet.

While you are on the way of picking up nutritious food options for your pre-pregnancy diet, you should definitely go through our wonderful and helpful suggestions in this article. With these guidelines, you will definitely be able to improve your pre-pregnancy diet and safeguard your and upcoming baby’s health.

• Include folic acid

The addition of folic acid should be a must-have in your pre-pregnancy diet. It has been proven from studies and experiences that the earlier you start including folic acid and vitamins in your pre-pregnancy diet, the lower will be the chances that your baby will develop neural tube defects. The best way to include folic acid in your pre-pregnancy diet is to add leafy green vegetables and whole grains. If you want to have a short cut, you can also add folic acid supplements in your pre-pregnancy diet.

• Eliminate the junk food

Junk food can never be catered as a healthier choice. However, when it comes to your pre-pregnancy diet, there is definitely a big NO for it. If you want to have your pre-pregnancy diet full of healthy food options, you should forget about all the junk foods. Besides fast foods, also try to eliminate refined sugars and white flour from your pre-pregnancy diet, which are mostly present in confectionary items.

Try to fill up your pre-pregnancy diet with healthier options like grilled chicken and a side salad. Eliminating harmful fats from your pre-pregnancy diet will not only help in better development for your baby, but will also decrease the pregnancy nausea and vomiting for you.

• Include all healthy things

To make your pre-pregnancy diet a perfect one, try to increase the amount of all the good things that your body needs during the tough process of baby-making. If you will relish the right stuff in your pre-pregnancy diet, you will make the pregnancy easier for you by gaining less weight, which will also help you in safe delivery.

For your pre-pregnancy diet, the choices of the food should be green leafy vegetables, yummy fruits including apricots, carrots, papaya, mangoes, plenty of whole grains and fibers including oatmeal, brown rice and low-fat dairy products including milk, yogurt and cheese.

• Stop skipping meals

While planning your pre-pregnancy diet, it’s important for you to realize that carrying a baby is a huge responsibility. As an individual, you might miss meals, but when you are planning to have a little one inside you, you have to stop being a meal skipper. Always remember that you should have your pre-pregnancy diet a balanced one, as when you skip a meal, your baby will skip it too. While preparing for conceiving, you should better be on track and follow your pre-pregnancy diet properly so that when he/she is on board, it will get a steady supply of nutrients throughout the day.

• Boost calcium intake and decrease caffeine intake

While following your pre-pregnancy diet, you should try to decaffeinate by decreasing the amount of caffeine intake. Rather than going for hot shots of espresso or having cups of tea, try to fill up your pre-pregnancy diet with nutritious cup of milk. During your pre-pregnancy diet, it’s important for you to increase the amount of calcium intake plus Vitamin D every day.

The proper intake of calcium is essential for both, you and your baby-to-be. To have good amount of calcium in your pre-pregnancy diet, include calcium-fortified milk, fruit yogurts and low-fat cheese.

If you are ready to conceive and are looking forward to have a safe and healthy pregnancy, it’s time to think about your pre-pregnancy diet. Follow our helpful guidelines and suggestions and you will be able to plan a nutritious and healthy pre-pregnanc

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