Your Personality Depends On How You Sleep At Night

Whether they like to admit or not, many people have belief in horoscope and are found glued to the horoscope section of the paper wanting to know how there day will be! Exploiting their undoing, I would like to give a unique way to look at how your day might turn out by looking at how you sleep. Sleep reflects ones personality. It’s true!

Most of the people are not familiar with this sleep and personality relationship. Sleep is blessing indeed. People don’t always sleep on the same side. Most of the people don’t think in which position they sleep. Types of personality vary according to the positions of sleeping.

If you want to know about your personality you must read this article which will tell you about types of positions of sleeping and how it plays role in reflecting a personality.

These are some common positions in which mostly people sleep:

1. Fetal Position – Knees tucked in, curled up on one side.

2. Log Position – Straight body with limbs at sides.

3. Yearner – Arms stretched in front while sleeping.

4. Free fallers – Arms stretched in front with face hidden in the pillow.

5. Starfish – lying on back with both arms up around pillow.

6. Soldier position – Flat on back with arms at sides.

1. Fetal position:

If you curl up your side with knees tucked in during sleep you are conscientious. You want all things to be in order. This position shows that you have returned to relax zone after stressful situation. But you may suffer from over thinking problems and worrying unnecessarily. It is more common in worriers. It is self defensive posture.

2. Log positions:

If your body is straight and limbs at sides during sleep, it shows that you are a stubborn and have rigid and inflexible thinking. You appear to be bossy and dominant on others. It is second most common position adopted by many people.

3. Yearners:

If you sleep with your arms stretched in front then you are a confident person. You chase your dreams. You want a lot from your life and are able to face new challenges in life. You are willing to seek out new opportunities.

4. Free fallers:

During sleep if you lay down your face on pillow with stretched arm you are a confused person and wake up with anxious feeling. You deal with the things until you are not satisfied. Physically you are in least comfortable position and wake up feeling tired, having no energy. You have little control over life. It is most common in adults. It is also not good for digestion.

5. Starfish:

If you sleep in this position you have a friendly nature. You listen to other people and ready to help others any time. You don’t want to be the centre of attention.

6. Soldier Position:

If this is your sleeping style then you are a reserved person and you tend to be quiet.

According to researches, a human being needs 8 hours sleep. If you do not sleep properly, might be possible that you are suffering from some sleeping disorders that minimize the healthy activities and have bad impact on personality. Insomnia, hypersomnia , bruxism, sleep apnea, somnambulism etc. are sleep disorders that exhibit stress, depression and anxiety in personality.

Sleep reflects your personality. What type of sleep do you have?

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