Worst Drinks for Your Body

Here I am sharing some worst drinks we love to drink without thinking deeply that these drinks are full of calories, fats and sugar which are unhealthy for our body.

Energy Drinks:

Guys love to drink Red bull, String, Monster, Rock star to get instant energy as their advertisements are also so much tempting for boys. But these youngsters didn’t think that these are worst drinks for their body and it is giving you very short term boost of energy.

Energy drinks usually refers to the product containing caffeine, some of them contain steroids too which are very dangerous for health. Moreover these drinks are full of sugar loaded, their one can is approximately equivalent to six original glazed doughnuts and containing 220 calories/ 16 fl oz.

Flavored Water with Vitamin-Enhanced:

These kinds of flavored water usually contains 150 calories and full of sugar which may equivalent to two chocolate éclair bars or two ice cream bars Before buying these flavored drinks , make sure there should be no more ingredients rather than water and natural flavors.

These vitamin enhanced drinks may provide you some extra vitamins but also giving you huge load of sugar which is worst for your body. It is best to squeeze some fresh fruits, add little amount of water and honey (if required) and intake natural vitamins to make your body healthy.

So Called Real Fruit Juices:

Real fruit juices are no doubt healthy for your body; they give you lot of vitamins, iron and all day freshness but the so called real fruit juices or cocktails which are available in stores are mostly colored sugar water with artificial flavors.

You pay high amount of money to buy such sugary loaded water which make your blood sugar level so much high. Invest your money when you are pretty sure that you are drinking 100% real fruit juice with no calorie and sugar.

Soft Drinks:

All the soft drinks are overloaded with sugar which doesn’t provide any calorie and not satisfy your hunger. Soft drinks are the only drink that has been linked directly to cause obesity. May be other drinks somehow contain certain amount of quality but it is tough to find any quality in soft drinks. I remember when one of my friends admitted in the hospital due to damage of her intestines and the reason behind that was in taking of lot of soft drink with each meal. It is the worst drink for your body to gain weight.

Heavy Smoothies:

Anything which you eat overly can make your body unhealthy. Same thing is with smoothies if they are not made in front of your eyes or in your kitchen as in the smoothie points usually they are not made with original ingredients, they contain hidden artificial and unhealthy ingredients that raise the contents of sugar and calories.

A 32-ounce smoothie can contain as many as 700 calories with fewer than 2 grams of protein and high sugar content. It is like eating a big pineapple, one mango and one cup each of blueberries and strawberries which is not healthy as you are taking too much fat more than you can burn in a single sitting.

Thick Chocolate Shake:

Including me, many other people love to enjoy McDonald’s large sized thick chocolate shake from drive-thru but you know it contains 1,160 calories, 27 gm fat and 168 gm sugar? Oh my God!! It is having more than half your day’s caloric and saturated fat allotment and it is equivalent to their own baked thirteen hot apple pies. Isn’t it the worst drink for your body?

Sports Drinks:

Sports drinks which are the combination of powerade liquid hydration, energy drink and fruit punch; contains 120 calories and 30 gm sugar. It’s better to add 2% milk or mix water with 100% juice and get the same health benefits without taking excessive amounts of sugar.

Here I am sharing some worst drinks we love to drink without thinking deeply that these drinks are full of calories, fats and sugar which are unhealthy for our body.

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