Health Care Solutions, Turning your 40’s to Blazing 20!

Who says reaching 40 is a milestone? Let’s throw it to the check game:

Age: Check
Experience: Check
Ambitions /goals: Partially check (To an ambit)
Health: QUESTION MARK ‘?’ (I’m not sure on this one).

Yes, everyone today’s agenda is ‘women’s health care after 40. 40 is not much of a striking age for women. If you ask me, this specie has a strong hand on sticking to early 20’s forever.  A woman’s call may sound like; ‘Ask my age and I’ll punch-in-the-face, shred you like into million pieces, kick you in the….. Wait…OUCH! My back hurts, I don’t feel my legs, oh was that a bone cracking?’ Well, yes folks that are how women in their 40’s (who certainly show no interest in their health) sound like. So, coming back to the point ‘Women’s health care after 40’s’.

When you hit 40, it is your decisional point which leads you to the fortune of your 50’s / 60’s (and counting I hope).

What happens when you turn 40?

  • Your metabolism reduces ( As there is reduction of 2% per decade)
  • Muscle reduces from 6-7 % than the previous 10 years of your life
  • Bone drops almost by 1% per year. This process begins since your mid-30s.
  • Because of increased stress levels and hormonal changes your libido declines
  • Stress increases due to variables such as; concerns about family (parents/kids), health, occupation, and savings.
  • High levels of stress trigger high levels of depression

I don’t suggest that solutions will be put out on board to abolish these circumstances forever. But, I can say that these tyrannical factors could be minimized. So, here’s your guide for the women’s health care after 40’s:

women health problems pics

First comes first! Metabolism! Yes, watch out for that. Chart it out with a dietician / nutrition. Take honey mixed in mild warm water, first thing in the morning. Get on a ‘pre-breakfast-to breakfast’ routine. A pre breakfast is a formula of having a very limited amount of nuts/snack 30 minutes before the breakfast. This keeps your stomach in shape, saves it from the rough churning instead lets it secrete activated-enzymes, catalyzing their way, breaking the hard food components.

Another suggestion is ‘Fiber intake’, Fiber; folks are your best friend! Increase it ladies by eating fruits, or providing fiber through exterior sources aka husk for instance. This is a tip for the women’s health care after 40.

Muscle reduction? A problem? Not anymore! It is suggested you start to take a firm action on that , beginning  from mid-30’s.And well it comes as no surprise for ‘EXERCISE’ to be the solution. The muscle in the human body might drop by a percentage every decade, but to maintain it one needs to work-it-out, through the pre-destined fate. Weight bearing (limited training, lucky enough not to crack a bone or two) is fair enough. Even cardio vascular exercises are effective.

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You don’t need to race your way up to gym, at home is fine, as long as you put yourself in some action (shove off the procrastination). For the reduced flexibility of your body make Pilates your friend that baby surely improves your core strength, your balance, flexibility and the list can go on. These surely are effective methods of women’s health care after 40.

Now, for your bone drop. Take milk or adequate calcium intake through tablets, spinach (for dairy-bloating-tummy), bananas (substitute for the same reason). Cover the calcium defiance up and work out your way through the strength training. You’re good to go with your bone-based women health care after 40’s.

Stress? Depression? The brutal oppressors ? Beat them up! This might be a tricky business but I might have some health aiding proposals. Sleep! Yes, this comes first. Take your night’s sleep not only women in 40’s but every human what so ever their age. Exercise your brain , engage it into multi-activities . For instance, walks out for fresh air, gardening, choosing a sincere hobby etc. This may decrease your chance of acquiring dementia. This also reduces the cognitive decline with age and releases stress. This is elates the inside sprit, goes without saying’ sound mind brings a sound body’. What a fun way to maintain women’s health care after 40’s!

And well before concluding, it is recommended you take out your regular checkups and be cognizant about it. That includes:

  • Eye Exam
  • Blood pressure check
  • Pelvic exam
  • Thyroid checkup
  • Blood glucose
  • Fecal occult blood test
  • Hearing test

Well, this has been an interesting road down to the women’s health care after 40’s. It must have been an eye opener for those who are mindful. Take the advices to heart, follow them and lead a healthy later age. Be ready to dash like a 20 year old. Happy attempting!

This is a womens guide to achieve to a healthy-self after 40. It highlights the major health issues faced by women and their countering solutions.

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