Winter Activities Guide for Kids

Winter season is here and the temperature is falling constantly. Some seems very happy for this cold weather and some are dreadful of chilly winds. Young generation enjoys this season with great enthusiasm and plan hangouts and bonfires for winter nights, but what about kids?

They also have full freedom to enjoy the season but at the same time, it is also compulsory for parents to plan some indoor activities for their kids. The cold weather does not allow kids to enjoy and spending their time playing outside the house.

Indoor activities are best for kids in winter season. But still if they insist for outdoor games then parents should call them back after intervals for a warm drink and get cozy in front of fire. Following are winter activities guide for kids.

Winter Crafting:

Nothing is more beneficial for your kids than art and craft as it can enhance their sense of creativity. In winter afternoons, you can make your kids busy in some art work as it will also flourish their imagination. All you need to do is provide your kids with some chart papers and colors so that they could make whatever the love to make easily.

You should also help them in their work because it will develop their interest in the work and engage them keenly. Whatever they make either good or bad-appreciate it! It will compel them to do the same everyday in winter days. This activity will not help you to keep your kids inside the house but also adds to their creativity.

Video Games:

Kids love to play video games on play station. You should bring home the CD’s to the games your boy like the most. He will surely forget to do any other activity that could make him ill in the cold season. Indoor games are the best activities for kids in winter so you should go for all the possible activities that your kids love to do.

Moreover, you can also make indoor skating possible by tying a butter paper around the feet of your kid and allow them to slide over carpet. It will be great fun if you add some dance beats to motivate them. For girls, you should bring a doll house so that she will engage herself in dressing up her doll and decorating her house.

Make Family Tree:

If you want to spend a quality time with your kids in winter then you should gave them the brilliant idea of making a family tree. Your kids would definitely love to make it as their emotions are also associated with this activity.

Provide your kids with all the things that are required to make a family tree. Hang that tree on your house wall so that every visitor will see and admire your child’s skills. It will also help to build up self confidence in them.

Host a Chocolate Tasting Party:

Chocolate is loved by all kids and when it comes to chocolate party, the happiness of kids is incredible. To make your winter a tasty one, add some taste of chocolate into it by cooking desserts and chocolate hot cakes at home. Kids will love them for sure!

This will also keep them warm in the cold weather. You can also make chocolates drinks but make sure that your drink should be hot not cold as cold chocolaty drinks can make your kids fell ill. Engage your kids in cooking too so that they will spend their time in warm atmosphere.

Board Games:

Engage your kids in different board games like scrabble, boggle, chess etc. Chess will be very useful game for them as it can make your kid’s mind sharp.

These were some activities for your kids that can engage them in some useful task. Guide your kids to do such stuff in winter season to make your winter the best one.


The winter season may be more frightful for kids but your kids still can enjoy the winter season delightfully by playing different fun games. Here is winter activities guide for kids.

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