Why Cell Phones Are Bad For Parenting

In the world of 21st century, no other technological invention has influenced human life as cell phones do. Along with the ease of communication, the cell phones are bad as they have brought us several damages and ill effects.

Cell phones and parenting relationship shows us that the cell phones are bad and are very dangerous for the kids that why cell phones are being considered as bad for parenting. We have seen at the number of spots that the mothers while dealing with her kids is busy on phone and is not giving due attention to her kids.

So is the case with the father. Cell phones are bad when they are being used too much and especially when they are affecting the brought up of the kids because in their early age, children need full attention of their parents but the cell phones and parenting are at cross roads therefore affecting the children grooming.

Cell phones are bad in parenting because the parents couldn’t give proper attention to their kids and remain busy on their phone dealings. Well, it can be seen that the children usually pull the clothes of their parents when they are talking on the phone. Cell phones and parenting cannot go hand in hand.

Because, children feel that their father and mother remains busy all the time due to phone and the children are not getting the right and due time for themselves that’s why cell phones are bad, especially for parenting. Modern psychologists reported to have said that the children’s expression tell them “I have lost my dad’s attention due to freaking cell phones”.

Cell phones are bad for parenting and parents should break the habit of being too dependent on mobile phones even when they are at home. It is the responsibility of the parents to give quality time to their kids but the cell phones and parenting are hammering each other. The only suffering body is of kids grooming and development.

Rachel Stafford, a young mother and blog writer from Alabama rightly pointed out why cell phones are bad. She has rightly pointed out that the Hands free mama is a blessing for the children because only a cell phone free mama can give a due time to her kids to get their desired qualities. She said cell phone and parenting has different sphere and cell phones are bad in parenting so parents should avoid use phone in front of their kids so that the personality of the kids can be brought better.

Cell phones are bad for parenting for another obvious reason and that is the boring attitude of the parents towards their kids. It has been observed that the parents give more time to cell phone and less attentive to what their kids say. Cell phone and parenting are contradictory because cell phones influence the attitude of parents towards their children.

Their gossip becomes boring, charmless and worthless. In the results, children feel envy from parents and their cell phones. Children themselves consider cell phones are bad because they are the hurdle in their parenting. Cell phones and parenting when combined results in the confused personality of the children because they couldn’t get the due time and due share of their parents love. Cell phones are bad when they are being over used by the parents in the home and in front of their children.

Cell phones are bad for parenting as they divert the attention of the parents from their children. Cell phones and parenting cannot go hand in hand as the former hammer the latter in of quality of time and devotion of the attention.

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