Which Workout Burns the Most Calories?


Cycle is a vehicle which almost everybody has in their homes.  We do cycling but unaware of its benefits. It is least expensive, easy but most effective workout to burn most calories. By doing simple cycling you can burn up to 1000 calories per hour.  Cycling an hour with maximum intensity, a women who gained about 160 pounds can burn up to 850 calories and a man can burn about 950 calories. So, who wants to burn most calories, take out cycle and start cycling to become smart?


Rope jumping is more than a fun game for kids! It is also simple and beneficial workout that can burn most calories. If a man does rope jumping for an hour, he can burn up to 850 calories while a woman can burn up to 750 calories. I suggest you to put this exercise in the list of best fat burning work out and do rope jumping for about 15 to 20 minutes daily. You may make this exercise fun by adding your children in form of game.


If you don’t like to get sweat and want to reduce fat fast and with fun then no problem. In such case swimming will be best for you as it is at third place to burn more calories. If you do swimming for an hour than a man can burn 850 calories and a woman can burn 720 calories. This is best activity with fun to do in summers.


I love to do aerobics. It is dynamic, fun to do and relatively stress-free work out. At first it might be looks hard or embarrassed for not making right moves all the time but you will feel much better after a week. In an hour an average woman can burn up to 680 calories. With aerobics you can get more benefits like cellulite-free thighs, firm butt, perfect curves and abs.

Elliptical Trainer:

There is more interesting way than treadmill to burn calories, an elliptical trainer can help to burn up to 600 calories per hour and if you go backward instead of  just pushing forward than it can work 11% more. So grab its handles and let your arms share the work in order to keep fit more muscle groups and get the most out of it.


If we talk about an average calorie loss range from 400 to 700 per hour session than Zumba deserves a place among most calorie burning work out. It is fun to do, getting popular due to its fast process reducing stubborn fat and in toning muscles. It is getting more popular than aerobics among ladies because with this workout, you not only burn your calories by doing it seriously but also can learn sweet dance moves.

Water Aerobics:

On number seven, we are having water aerobics, it is perfect for those who want to avoid sweating and who can’t swim good enough to get all the advantages in an hour of swimming. You can burn from 200 to 400 calories by spending an hour on this work out. It is also depending on the intensity of your training. Another benefit that you may get is that you need not to worry about any injury in the water.


Running is also an old, simple but great way to burn the most calories. If you do it properly with time management then it has been proven to burn more calories than any other form of exercise. Running is also one of the best exercises to reduce tension and sadness. With running you can burn about 600 calories in an hour and even with jogging you may burn around 550.

Now you are having lots of options to do work out to burn more calories according to your stamina. So choose your favorite exercise and start doing it to burn calories.

The first things that comes in their mind is which workout burns the most calories. Here I am resolving you’re problem by sharing some workouts that help to burns most calories.

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