Where Do Babies Come From

I personally faced same question when I came back home from hospital with my cute angel, my new born baby girl. Three year’s nephew of my husband asked me “Aunty! Where does she come from?” I got little confused and merely replied, “God gifted me.” But I got really shocked when his eight year’s elder sister said him, “Brother! You are too small right now, you don’t know the truth”.

That situation was so embarrassing for me at that time. Moreover when I visited my sister’s home and her four year’s daughter asked me, “Aunty! From where, you get her? ” I suddenly replied, “From market” and she started to persist her mother to buy a baby brother for her. I know after being parents you also experienced same kind of questions either asked by your own child or from others. After my experience I discussed this question asking from kids to some of my married friends and got help in answering this question.

First try to know what the kid actually wants to know:

I will not recommend you to answer your child detailed production procedure of baby after love making. First try to know by asking question instead of answering your child to know what exactly he/ she want to know and at what level. May be a kid just wants to know either from big hospital near to his/ her house or the other one near to his/ her friend’s house.

For example: When the child asks the question, “Where do babies come from?” You may reply by further question as “What do you think, Where do babies come from?” If he/ she gives you answer as “I think babies come from paradise”. It means he/ she just want reconfirmation of his/her believe. May be he/ she replied, “I think from tummy of a mummy” than just gets agree of what your child thinks and replies, if he/ she gets satisfied on your “Yes!” gesture.

Answer according to their age:

Every child has different level of maturity. Not every child wants detailed mechanics of fertilization that how man and woman makes love, how women conceive and delivery procedure etc. A toddler normally wants simple and easy answers instead of long detailed explanation. In our society we have some limitations in every relationship. We are not as open as western people. I am not agree with “to be true with your child” in every case as may be some kind of knowledge not matches the child’s maturity level and make him/ her more disturb  and raises more difficult questions in their mind rather than gets satisfy with the truth.

If your child already has been little bit aware of pregnancy and child birth. May be he/ she got information through any media program relates to it,  he/ she saw in your absence or may be from his/ her friend or from any magazine than its time to get open and clear his/her to remove more curiosity from your child’s mind.

Don’t intimidate your child and answer his/her each and every question calmly and in an easy manner but forbid him/ her to spread this information to anyone else, friend or teacher, cousin or elders. Tell him/ her that may be other will feel bad and take him/ her as indecorous and shame less as this kind of advance knowledge is not acceptable in our society in an open manner.

Check your child’s response:

After giving answer of his/her question of where do babies come from look the child’s face and note his/ her expressions, either satisfactory or getting more confuse. Be careful don’t give too much information which fly over yours  kid’s  head and he/ she starts giggling and  move away by making complicated faces. So answer him/ her step by step in light way and when you notice that your child get satisfy now then stop telling further detail.


Where do babies come from?” This question is very common to ask from kids when you become mother/father. They got curious when they see a pregnant women or a new born baby. To answer this question, you may get confused due to sensitivity of the question

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