When The Hormones Go Haywire

1. You Gets Tired All the Time:

If you slept eight hours in the bed and still waking up dazed then low progesterone levels could be stealing your sleep. Progesterone naturally engaged with menopause, but it can begin reducing as early as your thirties, when your ovaries begin to release fewer eggs. As hormone regulates to our inner thermostat, a low level of it may cause our body temperature low at night, resulting in night sweats that stop deep sleep.


Add lots of vitamin C-rich foods like red bell peppers, oranges, kiwis, broccoli, strawberries etc in your diet. Taking 750 mg of vitamin C a day may increase progesterone level in women with a deficiency. If you still have period problems then concern your ob-gyn to solve your issues relates to low progesterone levels.

2. Before Periods, You Get Sneezy or Wheezy:

Moodiness, headaches, and bloat are normal symptoms before periods but allergies or an asthma attack? Yes some women finds allergy symptoms in worsen condition right before their period. Premenstrual hormonal ups and downs can make it more complicated for those with asthma to breathe. Here again progesterone may be the reason but this time in bad way as rising levels in the days before your period can comes with airway inflammation that can cause asthma problem.

On the other side, as estrogen levels go up during the first half of your menstrual cycle then airway inflammation goes down. It’s not a simple relationship in which progesterone is bad and estrogen is good, it does depend on your individual sensitivity to both hormones.


Make a record for some months, recording any symptoms of asthma or allergy during your periods then share that info with your doctor. If she finds any relationship between the two, she may suggest using an asthma inhaler or OTC allergy medicines for some time.

3. If You Are Feeling Down:

If you are getting depress and feeling down that can be caused by high level of the stress hormone cortisol. If its level gets high consistently, it may lower your body’s making of mood-stabilizing brain chemicals like serotonin and dopamine. Exercise is best way to get out of stress but if you do to hard exercise it will go against way.


By limiting hard workouts for two to three times a week can vary the intensity of your sweat sessions and will help not to raise cortisol hormone as much. On other days, do low-intensity workouts like yoga, which have been shown to decrease cortisol. Make changes in your diet and eat omega-3 fatty acid food which is good fat and found in white meat like fish and prawns.

4. You’ve Got Flaky, Itchy Skin

Dry patches are one of the first signals that your thyroid hormone level is low. These hormones help to set your metabolic rate and when you don’t have enough quantity of it, you’re all systems become lethargic. You may get dryness, redness and rashes on your skin if your skin cells turn over gets slow.


Concern your doctor if your skin is still get dry and flaky after a month of moisturizing it. If you notice any other symptoms of an underactive thyroid like unexplained weight gain, fragile nails and hair, or if your periods become irregular. She will suggest you to do blood test to diagnose the disorder, which is usually treated with a hormone medication that you will need to take long-term.

5. You’ve put on Weight:

A study shows that if you sleep just four hours at night, levels of glucagon-like peptide 1 which controls satiety get decrease in women. So when you don’t feel full, you tend to keep eating. You may eat average of 329 more calories on days if you don’t get sufficient sleep.


Take sleep for about eight to nine hours daily, start your day with protein-packed eats rather than cereals to keep hunger hormones in check.

Hormones keep our brain sharp, our heart thumping and our digestive system churning. Whenever we feel off, stressed, tired or eating poorly, our hormones could be the cause of it. Here are five signs when the hormones go haywire and what can we do to get

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