When Babies Grind Their Teeth

1. When Babies Grind Their Teeth; Expected Reasons:

As we all know having teeth is a new sensation for kids so they do different things when teeth comes out; some starts hitting their heads, some kids starts biting others, some kids starts spiting and some starts grinding their teeth. This condition of grinding teeth is known as “bruxism”. Now the question arises why a toddler starts to grind their teeth?

There must be so many reasons in which main reason where expert point out is pain in gums during teething, some toddler likely to grind their teeth when they talks or drools while sleeping, allergies may be a reason in some babies, may be due to any ear infection, soreness in the face or jaws, may be they are facing any jaw pain or may be kid is having malocclusion. Malocclusion is a dental term in which teeth don’t line up just right as they should be.

Moreover a toddler may grind his/ her teeth due to any stress, tension or anxiety. And if these reason aren’t match with your child then he/ she is just grinding teeth due to the sensation of having teeth in his/ her mouth. Children start gritting or grinding their teeth when they have enough teeth at their front side, usually at age of nine month till three to five years.

2. Is This Habit Harmful for Babies?

After knowing the reason, parents definitely want to know either this habit can harm their child or not? Teeth grinding is not harmful as there is less possibility that your child is doing damage to his/ her teeth. Even mostly children grow out of this habit by their own after some specific time. But if he/ she don’t stop after some time then you must consult your paediatric dentist to check teeth of your child, may be your child gets any fracture, cavities or pulp exposure etc.

3. Some Tips and Remedies to Stop Habit of Grinding Teeth:

  • This habit can stop after some time for this you have to wait for your toddler to come out of it. In the mean time, you can provide something to him/ her that may help your child to not get hurt due to that habit. Various designs and material of tether are available in market. Choose what is best for your toddler according to his/ her age. It is very helpful while a kid is undergone through teething period. It helps to soothe their gums. Place the tether in fridge for some time and then give it to your baby as chill tether can help to sooth gum in better way.
  • May be your kid is grinding his/ her teeth due to earache or soreness in the jaw so visit your doctor for the confirmation and give him proper medicines to get relief from pain and teeth grinding.
  • Give your kid the proper dose of acetaminophen or ibuprofen to ease the discomfort of your kid. If you want to choose any homeopathic medicine, then Bioplasgen No.21 is best from so many years for the kids whose teeth are coming. It helps to sooth their gums, make easy and fast process of teething, and prevent from headache and motion during this period of teething.
  • You may also divert their mind from grinding their teeth by play cartoons on TV, giving him/ her new musical toy, extra cuddling in the rocking chair, warm bath before making your baby sleep, by rubbing his/ her back, giving him/ her soother etc.
  • If your child is around age of six years and having permanent teeth than you have another option of using night guards which are also available in market. This is a plastic material device that can be fit to the mouth to prevent the kid from clenching and grinding of his/ her teeth during sleep. But before using it consult to your doctor for his permission.

At the age of nine to twelve months you may suddenly found your baby starts grinding his/ her teeth. A sound of pint-size sawmill coming from his/ her mouth. When it happens than don’t get panic as mostly kids grind their teeth, when their front teeth s

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