What’s Your Sleep IQ?

All day long you might have tiring activities so you need rest. You sleep to take rest and the proper sleep is the fundamental to proper sleep. Some people say that long starvation of few weeks causes death but restlessness and avoiding sleep about ten days can also cause death. Statistical calculation says that Japanese are the people who take sleep about 6 hours or even lesser each night which is the most lesser time duration in the world.

And some researches show that the Intelligent Quotient of the people who take lesser sleep or go to bed late are more active and smart. But on other side the most of the researches says that sleeplessness can cause deficiency of work and study in the student’s life as well as it affects your IQ level and smartness.

Your sleep IQ is all dependent upon your activities all the day and the diet you take. You can get fat because of sleep deprivation. It disturbs the process of carbohydrates in our body by affecting the hormones who tell our body that the stomach is empty and you are hungry.

The foods which are acid, spicy and oily also sabotage your sleep. Such kind foods like chocolate, pizza, bacon and lasagne and allot more can cause heartburn which can cause interruption in your sleep. No amino acid which is caused by bacon and caffeine in coffee releases or epinephrine which disturbs brain simulation. Before going to bed taking light food and fruits are better have good sleep.

Try not to disturb your sleep cycle if you could not sleep properly at night try to wake up on the time and get asleep according to your sleep cycle again. A cup of coffee with caffeine effects takes 14 hours to be removed from your body so try to take sleep without caffeine. Heavy food can fall you asleep earlier as well as alcohol but your morning will be very sluggish. These might let you sleep but a restless sleep with no fresh morning.

Over sleeping on the other side can also cause different diseases that include diabetics and heart diseases. It is also said in the recent researches that long or over sleep can shorten your life span.

In any case your mental performance is very important which can be disturbed by both oversleeping and less and late sleeping, keep your sleep cycle proper and spend your life with good sleeping IQ.

Sleep is one of the most basic physiological needs of human beings. Like eating, breathing, emotions are important in the same way as sleep is essential to keep a person healthy or to make him lazy. Here we will know about Sleep IQ? Which means are you sl

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