Ways to Make Your Room Cosy

Many people prefer to include big rooms in their home, which have vaulted ceilings and a large space. These rooms are designed for a casual living and dining space where they can relax freely with friends and family.

Here are some ways to make your room cosier.

This way suggests that you divide the big space of your room into smaller groups where you can put your furniture. This part of your home should have a conversation area should have a fireplace and two comfortable chairs. You can put television or a long sofa for an entertainment space or an armchair near a window where you can curl up with a good book.

Another way for decorating your spacious room is to raise the floor in a corner lined with bookshelves to create a reading space. Also rugs can create a warm look of your home and can separate living and dining areas. When it comes to ceiling of your room, it is necessary that you vary the ceiling height to create a visual spatial distinction. Or use wide, complex moulding to bring the eye downward from a tall ceiling.

The way suggests that you use dark tones to make the space look smaller. For a beautiful home, chose to paint the ceilings with a large pattern, deep and rich colour wall pattern. According to this way, you can also make your room cosy with large pieces, including tall bookcases, fully upholstered sofas and chairs covered in velvet tapestries and other heavy fabrics. Also add a small hanging mirror in the room, so it does not reflect a window or other light sources. 

For a cosier look of the room, add or install one or more window seats, which gives you a warm look in a large space. Filling your room with plants and accessories can also give an interesting and comfy look to your home.

This way suggests that create a division between two parts of a room by using columns or arches to create a "passageway" from one space to the other.

Many people prefer to include big rooms in their home, which have vaulted ceilings and a large space.

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