Ways to Make Better Use of Bedroom Corners

Decorating home is an art, but most people give more attention to front walls and main areas of their home. We neglect corners and usually use them for placing the dustbin or dumping some useless piece of furniture. But it’s a fact that if you are neglecting corners in a room, you are basically wasting valuable space.

When we talk about bedroom decoration, money is spent on buying the bed and dressing table and corners are again neglected. Corner bedroom decoration can increase the beauty of your bedroom along with maximizing the functionality of your room. Here are some great tips for corner bedroom decoration which will help you to convert your bedroom into your dream room.

1. One can utilize a bedroom corner by placing a fireplace in the corner. This will not only cover your corner but also give a very cozy look to your room. Hence, a fireplace is an essential element of bedroom decoration. You can also place two comfortable chairs in front of the fireplace.

Placing some antique decoration pieces on the fireplace mantel also enhances its beauty. If a fireplace is not possible, simple two overstuffed arm chairs with a small table in between can give you a conversation area where you can sit with your loved one to have a chat.

2. A reading or work nook can also cover a bedroom corner in a very decent way and is mostly used in corner bedroom decoration. If you need to complete your work late at night, then place a desk with a comfortable chair in the corner. Similarly, one can place an overstuffed armchair with a small table as a reading nook in the corner. A good lamp can enhance the beauty of your corner.

3. A bedroom corner can also be used to place a bedroom TV. You can place the TV on a TV trolley and use other shelves of the trolley to place DVDs, books and other decoration pieces. One thing that should be kept in mind is to never overcrowd the corner as it will give a heavy look to your bedroom and make it look more like a store corner. Always balance your bed, corners and walls with each other.

4. If you want to cover your bedroom corner in the simplest way, then place a small table with a large vase. You can hang a picture of your family above the vase. This is the simplest way of corner bedroom decoration.

5. Instead of placing a dressing table along with a wall, place it in the corner. By doing this, the dressing table will not only cover less space but will also keep the dressing area separate from the rest of the bedroom.

6. If you want to cover a corner in the kid’s bedroom, use the corner to make a reading and play area nook as kid’s bedroom decoration is different from elder one. This can be done by placing bookshelves, oversized ottoman, big cushions and stuffed toys. If two kids are sharing a room, place two single beds head to head. The space between bed heads can be covered by placing a table with their story books and toys.

People often neglect decorating the bedroom corners, without realizing that this space can be utilized in so many different ways. The corners of your bedroom provide valuable space and one which should not be wasted. Read on for ways to make better use of

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