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Here we have some fruitful tips for you in handling fish before and during cooking. First of all we will tell you, what should you do; when you will go to market for purchasing fish. Then what should you do when you will start cooking it.

While buying fish, always check that it be must be free from any sort of unbearable smell. Also its color must be fresh instead of dark & dull. If the fish you are buying is free from bad smell and dark look, its means that you are getting fresh fish.

Touch it properly to check that its meat must be hard and elastic instead of soft and soggy.

The eyes of fish must be shiny & clear, and the eye boll should be in center.

When you will cut its abdominal portion, it must be neat & clean, rather in dark red or in brown color.

It’s good if you will cook the fish within first 24 hours; but if you want to freeze it for future use then cut the fish and removes the Fish bones.

Then wash the fish with cold water and wrap-up it in wet tissue paper and freeze it.

Now before cooking if still it has some smell then in order to get rid of its smell wash it after marinating in salt and lemon for some time.

 Drain the fish after washing and drying, and again leave it with little quantity of salt and few drops of lemon just for 15 minutes.

Marinate the fish with spices & ingredients you want only for little time, not for the whole night etc. After processing it through all the above procedure its meat becomes soft to absorb the spices easily.

While frying the fish, first fry that part which you want to present upward.

In serving the fish, serve its head part in left side of the plate and abdominal part exactly in the center of the plate.

By keeping all the above mentioned steps in mind, you can make your more nutritious and tasty; you had never before. 


Here we have some fruitful tips for you in handling fish before and during cooking.

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