VBAC vs. C-Section

Giving birth to a baby and becoming a mother is one of the most difficult and challenging thing to do. However, if you have delivered a baby by C-section, you might have to encounter a situation where you have to make a delivery choice with your next pregnancy.

When it comes to VBAC, mostly people find it confusing to take their decision about the delivery for next pregnancy, as they are not aware about the term. VBAC actually stands for vaginal birth after cesarean, which means to try the normal delivery after having a C-section previously. 

Years back, it was a common conception that C-section usually ended any hope of future vaginal deliveries. However, with the advancement in medical sciences, now you have a choice to make a decision of whether to schedule a repeat C-section for your next pregnancy, or to attempt for a VBAC.

The modern surgical techniques have made it possible to go for VBAC in many cases. However, you must have an idea that VBAC is not a right decision for everyone. Some people couldn’t be able to do a successful VBAC due to various reasons including a pregnancy complication or underlying medical conditions. While VBAC surely opens up a choice for you, you must understand that it must be done in the hospitals that have enough staff and medical resources to handle emergency C-sections. 

Making decision is important

If you are planning your next pregnancy after having a C-section, you must understand that picking up a decision between VBAC and repeat C-section is really important for you. While making your choice, you have to keep in mind that your decision of vaginal birth after cesarean, or a repeat C-section will impact you, your baby and all your future pregnancies.

Before making the decision you must be fully aware and informed about the trade-offs of both VBAC and repeat cesarean. After getting complete information about the procedures and their risks, you should weigh down your own values and concerns before coming to a final decision.

Conflicting information between VBAC and C-section

Most of the people get conflicting information about VBAC vs. Repeat C-section, because the choice of vaginal birth after cesarean was not even heard during much of the last century. It was a common thought that a woman who had a cesarean once always had a planned repeat C-section and not a vaginal birth for any pregnancies that followed. The risks of the VBAC were higher due to the scar of the past cut in the uterus.

Doctors usually were concerned that the scar could open during labor and can result in uterine rupture, which may cause serious complications for both mother and infant. However, the latest surgical techniques have certainly changed the idea, as doctors began making the surgical cut in a different part of the uterus which has much lesser risk of opening during a VBAC labor. In spite of having a C-section in the earlier pregnancy, doctors encourage to go for VBAC as there is high likelihood of safety.

While new medical researchers are quite in the favor of going for vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) rather than picking up repeated the decision of repeated C-section, but you have to understand that every woman is different. One should make the decision between VBAC and repeat cesarean after having an in-depth look at their options, keeping in view their medical condition, pregnancy complications and the current climate of situation.

It is advisable to make your own decision according to your own will-power and acceptance level without getting under pressure of your medical practitioner. Though, most doctors advise to go for VBAC, because of its benefits for mother, infant and future pregnancies. But, one has to keep in mind that not all the five fingers are equal. Before making your own birth plan between VBAC and repeat cesarean, you should try to dig out the pros and cons of both at your own by discussing with the fellow mothers who have faced such situation.

If you are have a cesarean in your earlier pregnancy, you still have chances for normal vaginal birth after cesarean in your future pregnancies. Plan your next pregnancy accordingly by weighing down the trade-offs between VBAC and repeat C-Section.

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