Valentine’s Day from Islamic Point of View

From the Islamic point of view this day has zero significance. This day is celebrated by the Christians all over the world but has no significance in Islam. Islam is a religion of modesty and it guides us to respect other religions and their traditions but certainly it does not say that we should start following them and adopting them in our society. A recent trend in Pakistan shows that this day is celebrated in our country with full enthusiasm and the entire country goes red on this day and there are decorations available in the market, people are making cakes, reserving restaurants for dates, Valentine’s Day parties, valentine’s special shows on Tv. All of this indicates how deeply this festival has rooted in our country. From Islam’s point of view valentine’s celebrations mean nothing.
But if you keep the society in mind and that there’s enough proof of this day being celebrated then you have to have a little talk with your kids because they have innocent and young mind sand you need to teach them and guide them. Kids are very attentive and they notice everything going around them. You need to tell your kids that this festival is not in our religion but also you need to tell them the meaning of this day. You can simply tell them that it means that on this day you spread love to your parents and family.
These days even in schools they make kids make special Valentine’s Day cards or their mother’s. This is a way in which you can alter this festival by celebrating it among families. On the other hand you also need to tell them about the flip side which is that celebrating it within unmarried couples is wrong so that they don’t indulge in it later on. Valentine’s day is being celebrated in Pakistan over  a decade now and it is really hard to eliminate it.

Valentine's Day in our society has received an unnecessary hype which is now out of control. From the Islamic point of view this day means nothing to us and hence we shouldn’t celebrate it. But at the same time it has been taking place in our country fo

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