Vaccines For Adults

It’s not just the kids who need to be immunized through vaccines. There are many infections that adults can catch too; and so, they too need to be immunized against certain infections. Many, but not all of these infections could be serious or highly contagious. Therefore, it is important to get the vaccinations for adults well in time, just to be on the safe side.

It would be better if you have a pretty good idea of what vaccinations you should go for and when. Not everyone needs to get all the vaccinations; rather it depends upon many factors including your immune system and the environment that you live in.

Here are some vaccine guides of the most common vaccinations for adults.

Influenza (flu)

Influenza is the infection that affects your sinuses and respiratory system. It can get worse if not taken care of on time. It can even get complicated and prolonged if you are a carrier of asthma. The influenza vaccination for adults comes in two forms; shot and nasal spray. Ask your doctor which type is better for you. It is recommended to get that vaccine annually.


It is the liver infection that is defined by the inflammation of the liver cells. It mainly has two types; Hepatitis A and B. There are vaccines available for both in the vaccine guide for adults. They could be taken at any time to be safe from the infection. There are 2-3 doses for the vaccination of hepatitis with the gap of 4-6 months. It is recommended for the people who have chronic liver disease or work in a health facility where there is chance of catching the infection. It is also recommended for those who intend to travel to the places where this infection is common.


Varicella or chickenpox, as it is commonly known is a skin infection that causes red itchy spots all over the body. It is highly contagious and its complication can also cause pneumonia. Its vaccination for adults can be taken at any time. It is recommended to those who didn’t have the vaccination during childhood or never have had chickenpox before. However, people who are allergic to antibiotics or have a weak immune system should first seek advice from the doctor before taking the said vaccination.

Measles and Mumps

Measles is a contagious skin infection that causes red spots on the skin and mumps is the infection of the glands in the neck, which causes painful swelling in the glands. Both of these infections also cause fever. If you haven’t had a vaccination for both of these infections during childhood and you haven’t had the infections before, then you definitely need to get the vaccination. You might need to get a second dose according to your doctor’s advice on vaccine guide.

Tetanus. Diphtheria, and Pertussis

Tetanus is the painful contraction of the muscles that might cause brain damage. Diphtheria is an infection in the respiratory system that causes difficulty in breathing. Pertussis (whooping cough) has the symptoms similar to common cold with persistent coughing. All these infections are covered in a single course of vaccination for adults. If you didn’t get the shots in your infancy, then you need to get one now. The repetition of the dose will be recommended by the doctor depending upon the sensitivity to reactions.

The medical science has now developed many vaccines for adults that keep them safe from the different infections. The vaccine guide for adults tells which shots you should get and when.

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