Top Tips for Eating out on a Diet

Where foodies enjoy eating out and dressing up together, they also end up gaining weight in the process. When on a diet not going out with friends looks rude therefore bearing certain pointers in mind and eating smartly can help.

If one avoids going out with friends for lunch while on a diet then that person is always considered boring. However if you change the way you eat you can still be on a diet and enjoy your time out with friends.

One cannot enjoy life without food and a life with a lot of adipose on your skin. To keep both the parameters in check here are certain tips that will help you maintain your waistline as you eat out.

1. Bran

Fill your stomach with some high quality fiber. Have some cold cereal with skim milk and sweetener or no sugar (if you can). You can also add spoonfuls of fat-free fruit yogurt to this.


This will take the edge off your appetite and instill some fiber into your digestive system, which will help reduce the stimulation of your gastrointestinal system of your upcoming meal. You feel full and eat less despite the deliciousness of the food.

2. Water

drink water

Replace frizzy drinks with water. Initially it’s hard but with time you realize how helpful this tip actually is. Try ordering water first and have a glass full of water before food. This makes you feel full and you eat less.

3. Eat Slowly


The satiety center of the brain controls you’re eating habit .What you need to do is trick this center. Eat slowly to allow your brain the time it needs to realize you are full. Put your fork down between mouthfuls and savor your meal . This might look displeasing but it helps.

4. Avoid the Breads


We all look forward to the in house breadbasket served with butter. Avoid it. Ask the server to remove it off the table since it is full of fat and is extremely tempting so you usually end up eating it more.

5. Start with Soups


My favorites have always been soups. In case your friends decide on binging on the bread basket you can ask the waiter to get you soup while they eat the bread. Enjoy your soup. Avoid cream based.

6. Ask for Extra Veggies


Mostly with meals they give you an option between rice and potatoes. Opt for extra veggies instead. Nutritious yet fulfilling and not adding to the bulk of fat content.

7. Enjoy your Favorite Food

Favorite Food

Instead of completely cutting down on your favorite foods while on a diet, have them but in fewer amounts. Instead of purchasing a bag of cookies get one. Instead of eating a whole chocolate, share it with someone.

8. Eat Several Mini Meals in a Day

mini meals

When you are on a diet the hardest is the wait for the next meal time. I advise having smart but more meals. Opt for watermelon, a boiled egg or green tea. Studies show that 5-4 meals a day help in reducing weight more than just one meal.

9. Proteins


The food that gives an instant filling effect is proteins. Try eating high calorie proteins as a substitute for carbs. They have a more full filling effect.

10. Salads


Where everyone orders some highly delicious and calorie laden food. I advise you to order salads. Avoid or separate out the dressing. This will help you eat along with your friends as you guys dine out and chit chat. Also this helps you keep the calories in check.

Regardless of the type of restaurant you are going out to following the mentioned diet rules will ensure that you eat well while watching your waistline.

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