The Top 4 Benefits of Breast Lift Surgery

When it comes to cosmetic surgery within Europe, procedures to improve the appearance of women's breasts are still very popular. This is one area of the body that many women feel self-conscious about, hence the need to seek help to feel more confident. Of course, many women also need to undergo breast surgery for health reasons too.

Many will only think of breast augmentation (also known as a 'Boob Job') when it comes to this type of cosmetic surgery. However, a breast lift is becoming just as popular and a procedure that many women are choosing to undergo now. When you dig deeper into the reasons why it is not that surprising. For many women, it is not the size of their breasts that is the problem but their overall appearance. This is where breast lift surgery can help.

But what specific benefits can this type of surgery offer?

Firmer appearance

One of the major problems that breast lifts solve is sagging. When your breasts sag, they can make you look older and your breasts can feel deflated or unattractive. A breast lift will not only help to reduce this sagging by taking them back to a higher position on the chest but also give them a firmer feel. This is done by providing new support to the breasts as part of the procedure to make them look and feel firmer.

Better nipple projection

Poor nipple projection can really affect the way you feel about your breasts and how you also feel about yourself. This can be solved as part of a breast lift procedure. Rather than having nipples that point towards the floor on sagging breasts, the whole nipple-areolar portion can be repositioned when having the surgery. The result is more natural and forward facing nipples that look much better.

More attractive shape

As we have already noted, it is not just size that counts for many women with their breasts. The shape can be a source of just as much anxiety and a breast lift can help here too. Deflated looking breasts often lose their shape due to the way breast tissue sits below the inframammary line. A breast lift allows this tissue to be lifted up and restores a more pleasing shape to the breasts themselves.

Less under breast issues

For many women with low sitting breasts, irritation under the breasts themselves is a problem. The excess skin of the breasts can rub on the body and cause localised skin issues. By lifting the breasts back into a higher sitting position on the chest, this problem is alleviated.

Call today for more information on breast lift surgery

If you would like to know more about how a breast lift can change your life, give us a call today. Vera Clinic provides international healthcare services across Europe and can help you decide if this is the right procedure for you. We pride ourselves not only on the quality of our surgical team but also the outstanding support we give to all our clients.

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