Top 10 Activities For Home Workout

Home workout can seem to be a mess. For beginners, this is one of the best options. It actually requires little or absolutely no equipment at all as it is basically comprised of compound exercises and can be done easily. Here are top 10 ways you can workout at home:

1. Pushups

The not so popular amongst a large number of people, pushups are actually exhaustive and a proper workout option. If properly performed depending which muscle group you are focusing on, pushups can leave one quite wearied and satisfied.

2. Running

There’s nothing more complete like running; that be in open. Running really burns up loads of calories and is a good option for working out legs, thighs and waist. Moreover, it continues to tone the rest of body and is more of like a complete workout.

3. Crunches

Feeling it’s the time for building some abdominal strength, crunches is the right thing to do. Start on with doing 3-4 sets 16-18 reps each. You can later increase the reps depending whther you can take them easily.

4. Steps Running

It is one of the most exhausting and more like a complete form of thighs exercise. Steps running can leave you panting and sweaty at the end, with warmth of satisfaction in you.

5. Squats

Squats are a great option to work out your legs, calves and hips. A good number done properly can prove to be a really nice warm up exercise.

6. Still jogging

This is done while standing still and performing the jogging action. The workout is one of the best as it can be done in front of the TV with your favorite show on!

7. Skipping rope

Skipping rope is a great cardio workout and is a complete body workout. It can be tiresome and usually makes one drenched in sweat, proving to be one of the most complete exercises.

8. Weight lifting

You need to have proper equipment to work out your biceps. You can simply start off with two identical items i.e. water bottles and up to a respectable number of reps, enough to give you a pump.

9. Jumping Jacks

It’d be hard to believe that a child wouldn’t have done these in his/her childhood. Jumping jacks is a great cardio and warm up exercise and can be done anywhere.

10. Walking

Walking can be the best thing to do when the weather’s fine around and you wouldn’t be feeling like sweating a lot. Walking for mile or two at a good pace can be really good for the heart and can leave one relaxed in the head.

Everyone cannot afford the luxuries of having membership to a good gym or the workout equipment at home. However, if properly managed, home workout can turn out to be rather fun and engaging.

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