Too Much Homework: Bad For Kids?

Homework refers to assignments given to kids by their teachers to increase the knowledge and improve the abilities and skills of the students. But too much homework is only burden on the kids. The excessive homework turns into stress rather than improving abilities and skills. Too much homework is bad for kids. Whenever students meet in the cafeteria; they discuss horror stories of homework.

Has your kid also stayed late night for completing his homework? Have you also sacrificed your weekends for homework? Many students and their parents are frazzled by the amount of homework. Homework overload is not only affecting kids but also their parents.

Some critics say that there is no evidence to suggest that homework is helpful for students achievements, on the contrary, too much of homework can overwhelm students and cause them to disengage. 

Latest research also has proved that too much homework is bad for kids. According to the National Education Association ten minutes per grade level of homework per night is recommended to the students. Anything above is excessive. And as a result they will start hating schools. Too much homework may have negative effect on their lives.

However homework is good or bad for students also depend upon the quality of homework. Students often like to do assignments that are based upon something unusual and of their trust. Majority of students like to spend about an hour in doing math homework and such students also get good grades and better results.

The same kind of work or repetitive work makes them dull and boring and finally become the cause of stress for them. It is also up to the teachers. A teacher needs to clarify each aspect of assignment. If students consider assignment burden and do it without interest then such assignment is useless. There is no benefit of such homework.

Excess of homework also lead to disturbance in parents and kids relationship. For some families, it is difficult to carve out time in helping their children in completing the homework especially over the course of weekends. So in such situation homework is stressful for the all family.

There are some ideas by which you can assist your kids in reducing the amount of homework.

1. To solve this problem, parents should have a meeting with teachers. Often teachers are unaware of the havoc that is caused by too much homework. It is important to bring it into the notice of teachers because parents are more concerned about their kids.

2. If it does not work then parents should inform principal about your concerns. She will definitely listen to you and try to change the policy.

3. Teachers are the head of the classroom. Teacher should also clarify all related assignment work; it will make their work easier. If homework is unclear then it may end up with hurting the students.

When it comes to homework, more is not necessarily better.In today’s current educational environment, purpose of each homework assignment must be clear and targeted. With homework, too much is not good. So teachers must think on it because kids are very precious for parents.

According to some experts, homework should be interesting, clear and enjoyable. When it comes to homework, too much is not good. Too much homework is the cause of depression, stress, anxiety which may end up with lower grades in school tests.

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