Tips for Daddy Dear

Becoming a daddy dear is an amazing experience of life. Check out these tips of becoming a great father and I promise that you won’t regret it. So here we go:

Expect great results from your children and they will rise to the occasion. Encourage them whatever they do from studying to playing sports and you won’t be disappointed. According to this tip, being a father isn’t always easy if, you know that someone in the family is causing trouble and blaming you, it is better that you accept it. This tip of parenting suggests that understand your children and learn about their favourite toys and colours they like. When they come from school, ask them how did it go and show your love.

The idea of parenting suggests that say no to children in a calm manner. Good fathers are those make children learn self discipline, self control and discipline by stating no to certain things. By saying, ‘no’ will help your children have a happy and healthy approach to life.

The best quality of a daddy dear is to avoid spanking and hitting because children who are spanked develop inferiority complex or lower self esteem. Think that as a father, do you really want your child to be afraid of you?

Treat your wife with love and care because children learn about mother (woman) and father (man) relationships from certain behaviours. Be sure not to fight with your partner in front of the kids.


This parenting, tip suggests that many parents spend time threatening their children when they are being non cooperative. They will understand certain actions, if you take the certain privileges away and will learn that you mean business.

According to this tip of parenting, learn what your child means when he or she says, “I am picking my own clothes!” or “I am cleaning my room!” which means that your child is ready to take more responsibility and independence.

This tip of parenting believes that when children are young they might keep the room clean but once they grow up, things might get a little slower and then you have to tell them, “we are a family and that is how the system works.” The tip of parenting suggest that it is important that you keep appreciating your kids and make it important to tell them that your are special to them and whatever they do, you would be standing by them.

After all, you are a great daddy dear!

Becoming a daddy dear is an amazing experience of life.

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