Things You Need To Tell Your Child To Prevent Rape Cases

In this day and age, with the improvements in lifestyle a lot of problems have curbed. However, where one has ease of living, there are certain other problems that have spurred which were unheard of before.

The newspaper has always been full of news reporting of all sorts of crimes. Crime is a big problem in the world. A lot of people believe that nothing can be done about preventing this ever increasing crime rate.

Although it is undeniably true that crime rates are increasing drastically all over the world.  The sad part of this is that where once, we would hear of robbery, forgery and etc. These days the sorts of crimes that are being reported are very disturbing.

Lately, the incidence of rape cases has increased tremendously, especially rape cases involving children. As compared to the previous years, this year the rape cases that have been reported are mainly of children and not adults.

Much as it sounds disturbing and disgusting, I believe parents should guide their children in respect to what is right and wrong from a very young age only.

Statistics reveal that child abuse and rape are two significant but yet a poorly defined problem in the whole world. Researchers generally concur that the prevalence of child sexual abuse varies by age, sex, and family economic status everywhere. A low economic status does bring about sheer frustration and hence people turn brutal and immoral.

However, one cannot control the other but as parents one should guide their children about this serious ill. Here are certain things your child needs to know:

1. Strangers are not always wicked looking:

Child molesters and abductors don’t wear a mask of being a rapist that one can tell. These people look very ordinary with no glimpse of immorality spiking from them. Tell your kids not to talk to strangers. In case where they feel that some stranger is approaching them, they should call for help immediately from any nearby known person.

2. Ways these people gain a child’s confidence:

Such people are very smart. They usually befriend the child by either asking for directions or any help.

At times they offer some reward or money for the help. Therefore rule number one should be not to accept anything from a stranger.

Also, at times, a stranger takes long to become friends with your child by saying a hello daily till he gains your child’s confidence. Hence make sure your child is well aware of all these tacts and informs you immediately when feels like being approached.

3. Children are most Vulnerable alone:

 Try to make sure that your child is always in the park or anywhere outside his vicinity under supervision.

Alone child is a prey for anyone.

4. Role play with your children:

It is an exercise that helps the child prepare for incidents. Act like a stranger and teach your child how to respond. Teach them to:

  • Run away.
  • Yell loudly.
  • Say exactly what is happening


  • "Help, this is not my Dad."
  • "Help, this is not my Mom."
  • "Help, I’m being kidnapped."
  • "Help, call the police."

If Children just scream, people assume they are only throwing a fit of temper. The more you practice the better your children will be at responding to difficult situations.

5. Report any suspicious activity:

Make it a habit to ask daily directions to your child regarding meeting any stranger today or anything they feel is happening around them and is not normal. If you sense something, report immediately to whoever is in authority in that area.

6. Develop a healthy and friendly relation with your child where he discusses everything with you:

That way you will be well informed about the intentions of everyone around him. These are few things that I believe all kids should know as a safety precaution. I believe that with proper measures like straight laws, plenty punishments, good moral education and etc. We can avoid all these dangers.


Crime rate has increased and much to my dislike, the sort of crime we hear of these days is more regarding rape cases amongst children. Much as distressing it sounds, we all should guide our children in regard to this issue.

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