Things To Do At Home In Wet Wet Day

Rainy season is an opportunity to enjoy. When it pours cats and dogs then you have to coop up at home but don’t let rain dampen your pleasant mood. Find ways to cheer yourself up in wet wet day. You can do a lot of interesting and entertaining things to enjoy rain at home. You can enjoy sight of an overcast sky and raindrops tapering at window pane.

This season will make you to wish to go outside and have fun in rain. But perhaps due to heavy rain you have nowhere to go. This time try something new which you have never done before to double the enjoyment of rain. I have mentioned some things that you can do at home for fun in wet wet day.

Watch Movies:

What about watching your favorite movies or listening to your favorite music in the wet wet day? Your enjoyment will be double. Create an atmosphere of your own theater with a bowl of popcorns to dip into. Watching movies is the great way to pass time. 

Tea Party:

There is nothing like tea party to beat the rain blues. There are endless numbers of things to cook like cake, pakoras, cookies, samosas, pizza, sandwiches and many more. Arrange a tea party near the window on which rain water is tapering and creating beautiful scene.  Enjoy tea party with your family and make rainy season more and more special.

Indoor Treasure Hunt:

Keep your day lively with an indoor treasure hunt. If you have children, this game is best way to entertain at home. Give every player clues which is associated with next clue and finally to the treasure. One who finds the treasure will be rewarded. You can also play as team to uncover the treasure by solving the clues.

Reading book:

If you love to read books then rainy weather has provided you much time. Read novel or any other interesting book. This is an ideal way to go to an adventure without leaving your home.   


Nothing cures rainy days blues except something creative. Try something creative. This is best way to beat damp rain. Don’t let rain spoil your mood. You can do art and make something creative. Play with colors. Gather things like glues, newspapers, straws, strings, tape, scissor, colors, markers and the things you require. Create something new and have blast. 


Take break from computer games. Try games in which all of you can participate such as hide and seek and one word story like start story as once upon a time and ask all to add single line or word to this story. Decide whether it will be fairy tale or monster story.   

Make call to someone special: Do you have someone special? Surprise him or her by calling. Sometimes in hectic life, it is harder to take out sometime for your special one. Share your emotions through calls. Give words to your emotions. It will make your and their day special.

Here are some things which you can do at your home in wet wet day. Find out ways to cheer you up in rainy weather.

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