The Truth about Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening is also called as “dental bleaching and swabbing”. It is a common procedure particularly in the field of cosmetics dentistry. Tooth whitening restores natural color of teeth and also whitens beyond the natural color. Teeth get darker and turn brownish yellow with age and also by consumption of staining substances such as wine, tea, coffee, colas and smoking.

Wine coffee, smoking and some antibiotics discolor teeth. Enamel covers and protects teeth and also gives them pretty white look. However, enamel is porous and stains gradually accumulate within the enamel and cause darkness. Enamel becomes more porous with age and teeth become more prone to stain. That’s why teeth whitening is required. Everyone who wants to brighten their smile can benefit from teeth whitening.

There are many methods for teeth whitening such as swabbing, laser bleaching, brushing, bleaching gel, bleaching pen and bleaching stripes etc. The truth about teeth whitening is that it is not permanent and it can lasts for three years. It works by removing organic material in the enamel by dissolving them with peroxide derivatives.

The active bleaching ingredients like hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are used in teeth whitening. Mostly tooth whitening products claim that they contain high amount of hydrogen peroxide but it’s not true. Whitening tooth products do not contain enough hydrogen peroxide and are unlikely to change the color of teeth. The facts about teeth whitening is that it only works on natural teeth and does not work on dentures, crowns or veneers.

Although teeth whitening is very effective, there can be short term side effects such as teeth sensitivity, sore gums, sore teeth and white patches on gum line. There are many options available for teeth whitening in markets. Dentists prescribe teeth bleaching products like whitening strips that are very expensive.

Dentists do teeth whitening by placing gel on teeth and a dentist can also use laser but after these procedures teeth become more sensitive. A variety of toothpastes is available in market now and contains a number of whitening ingredients like peroxide derivatives that help in removing daily stains from teeth.

These whitening toothpastes contain hydrogen peroxide but in very low amount. These whitening toothpastes do not work on permanent stains but only lighten your teeth about one shade. Excessive brushing your teeth cause more damage to you enamel which results in more stains in the long term.

Some people use baking soda and acidic fruits to clean their teeth. They use baking soda as an alternative of toothpaste. Baking soda is beneficial in removing food stains but it should be used only 1 to 2 times a month. If it is used often; it erodes the enamel of teeth. Acidic fruits like strawberry, pineapple and apple are being used by some people for cleansing teeth. Malic acid in these fruits works as an astringent to lighten teeth. But the fact is that acidic food also damages tooth enamel.

You must take care of your teeth so that you have a bright smile. You must maintain your teeth by avoiding the consumption of such food items that stain your teeth. You can use straw to drink tea and coffee etc. You must quit smoking and brush your teeth everyday and after ingesting everything that might stain your teeth.

With age hair turns gray and teeth turn yellow. One can benefit from teeth whitening that is used to restoring the white color of teeth and also brightening the smile on face. Whitening can help you in bringing back your youthful grin. The brighter and wh

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