The Surprising Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a marvellous gift of nature. It is an edible and cc. You are familiar with its benefits like it is good for skin, hair, and used in various cosmetics products and is primary source of food but there are some surprising facts about coconut oil that I bet you never new. It is a rich source of Vitamin E. For all of you who want to keep yourself healthy, I have made a list of surprising benefits of coconut oil.

Cooking oil:

Coconut oil is edible and it is used in cooking food, especially for frying. It is used to add flavors and aroma to a number of dishes all over the world. It helps in smooth functioning of organic system. It is healthy, stable and most important thing is that it is not much expensive.

Hair care: 

Look around and you will see every second person complaining about hair fall and dandruff. 

As I have mentioned above that this oil is enriched with vitamin E that you always need for smooth, silky and shiny hair. Oiling and massage always comes first when we talk about the health of hair as it is half beauty of a person. Regular massage of coconut oil keeps your scalp moist and dandruff free. It proves very helpful in re-growth of damaged hair as it provides protein required for the nourishment of damaged hair. Its most important property is that it is anti-oxidant that keeps hair black and prevents whitening and hairfall.

Skin care:

It is one of the best natural nutritions for skin and provides nourishment when massaged on skin. It is highly absorbing. When it is applied on skin, it is absorbed readily and acts as an effective moisturizer, especially for dry skin. It is anti-wrinkle, prevents flaking and dryness of skin. Due to it anti-oxidant properties it prevents premature aging. It prevents stretch marks during pregnancy. If you want soft and smooth skin like a baby, you must use this oil for looking younger.

Reduce cholesterol:

People are very conscious about their weight. People who are suffering from overweight, must use coconut oil in their food as it is a reducing agent. As it is full of vitamin E which is fat soluble. It is easy to digest and increase metabolic rate in body. It also help in absorption of vitamins, amino acid and minerals that are necessary for body. It helps in restoring thyroid function and increase energy and endurance.

Treatment for acne:

Coconut oil is effective in treating acne. Face is the most prominent part of the body. It is the face that attracts someone towards you so face should be free from marks, acne, freckles and wrinkles. Let’s find out how it is so special for acne. It is soaked by skin readily where it cuts down inflammation due to acne. It can help you to resist against virus and bacteria. Keep one thing in mind that it is not cure for acne but helps in healing the acne.

Healing and infections:

It is an anti-viral, anti-fugal and anti-bacterial agent. When it is applied on infectious part of body, it prevents from attack of bacteria, virus, dust and other harmful things. It speeds up the healing process by repairing damaged tissues. It kills bacteria that cause ulcer, pneumonia, throat infection etc. It kills virus that cause influenza, hepatitis, measles etc. It also prevents skin from athelete’s foot and ring worm etc. It strengthens the immune system and helps in fightening harmful bacteria.

Cure for Diabetes:

Diabetes is very common now a days. If you want easy and cheap cure for diabetes you must use coconut oil. It is very effective in preventing and treating diabetes. It helps in controlling blood sugar and proper utilization of blood glucose. It also improves secretion of insulin.

Strengthen bones:

It makes your bones strong as it absorbs minerals that are necessary for body. It helps your body absorb mineral and calcium for bones and teeth. It prevents tooth decay and strengthens your bones.


The bonus point of coconut oil is its fragrance. You can use it on your underarms as a natural deodorant. It is safe and cheap try by using coconut oil.

Other Advantages:

It can be used as natural chap it. You can also use it for the removal of makeup. It can reduce the itch of mosquito bite. If it is mixed with warm tea, can help in soothing sore throat. It is a natural bug repellent. It is also a natural sunscreen. Coconut is oil is really much effective and has been used by thousands of years by people in many countries.

Coconut oil is refined, healthy and deodorized, usually made from copra. It is natural, edible and nutritional oil. You must use it to keep yourself healthy externally and internally. Find out how you can best treat external and internal needs of your bod

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