The Psychology of Selfies

The selfie! Nothing but art of snapping the photo of oneself in various forms of doing absolutely nothing. This is artifact of teenagers who are obsessed by latest technology. From Facebook to Instagram and Tumbler large numbers of photos are uploaded with the caption “selfie”.

The trend of selfie is prevailing everywhere. Majority of celebrities from Obama to Beiber, 62 million selfies (still counting) are tagged on instagram alone. The selfie is more than a trend and is here to stay for a long haul.

Seriously a lot of people have practiced selfie. Facebook and Instagram feeds are littered with selfie tags. The word selfie has become one of big talking points of 2013. The oxford dictionary declared the “selfie” the word of year 2013. 

The psychologists explain the reason behind the popularity of self image. The perfectly cute and smiley photos, slightly off center images enhance your self esteem. The way one projects himself on social media makes him even better about himself. You can take ten to twenty photos in order to get perfect image. It is impossible to see that outtakes by just one click of delete.

The selfie means one can have control on his photo and upload the photos the way he likes. The best selfie is the one in which you feel confident about your presence on social media. You share perfect photo without any of your friend knowing that how much effort you put to produce that image. The positive comments of friends also boost little confidence.

The people post self portraits for the world to see. The psychologists relate selfies to our innate need of social interaction. This way, we connect with others in order to receive acceptance and validation. Studies have showed that pictures on social network strongly affect your physical, psychological and professional level of attractiveness.

Psychologists say that self portraits are sometimes become danger for self esteem of people. Self esteem may tie to the comments and liking of the friends you get when post a selfie. When you get positive comments, you feel up and when you receive any negative views your confidence can plummet.

The profile picture and selfie is the way people present themselves or their one side before others and put themselves in the control of their own image. It means selfies can prove to be danger for your self esteem. It is harmful phenomenon that reinforces stereotype imposed by society and you may suffer from inferiority complex by the negative views of the people. Thus people are more sensitive to their self esteem issue. 

The selfie is related to decrease in intimacy with others. Social media has the power to change your self-image. It is up to you whether you post selfies just for fun or you need to get comments from others. Think a while that are you utilizing yourself image for better or worse? If you take it as fun then continue. Otherwise stop taking selfies as it is adversely affecting your self esteem and relations. Create a life that is good on the inside not that life that looks good from outside. The inner beauty naturally makes you look beautiful outside.

Read on to find the fact that whether you are controlling your own image on social networks or you are being controlled by your own image.

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