The Most Loved Men Food

Men obsession and love for food has always been greater than women. Men love food and eat larger quantities of meal due to their strong physique and health conscious behavior. Majority men love food as it serves a great purpose of taking their personal care and brings them happiness.

Home cooked food is a more desirable choice of men as compared to the readymade outside food. It is due to the rich nutrients, vitamins, healthy ingredients and good hygienic condition of the home cooked food which makes men love food more and consume it in larger quantities.

Men love food of several types and varieties. Be it the morning breakfast, or an afternoon brunch, be it the evening snacks, or the night time dinner, men love food and are always ready to consume more. Let’s discuss about the most desirable food items which have surely made men love food:


Men love food because it gives them the best source of protein and iron in the form of mutton. Mutton is the most desirable food items. Men love food dishes made of mutton like mutton karahi, mutton korma, mutton champ and mutton roasts.

In addition, mutton barbeque and mutton kabab are the most essential items of Pakistani wedding functions and parties. Mutton is nowadays considered an essential food items due to which men love food and is taken once or twice a week.


Chicken is another valuable item for which men love food. Chicken can either be consumed as a separate dish like chicken karahi, chiken korma, chicken biryani, chicken kabab and broast, or it can be combined with other vegetables like potatoes, capsicum, cauliflower, peas and bitter gourd etc.

Men love food dishes containing chicken as they have cholesterol and low fat. Chinese food like chicken speggaties, chicken macaroni, chicken noodles and chicken pasta are also the desirable chicken dishes.


Another highly nutritious and desirable food items for which men love food is fish. Fish is usually preferred in colder season. It is a high source of protein and contains several vitamins and minerals. Men love food containing fish.

There are several types of fish like mahasher, rhou, thela fish and balm. Rhou is the most popular and desirable of all. It is usually consumed in fried and cooked form, and it is its delicious taste and nutritious value which makes men love food. Some fishes have bones and some are boneless. Men usually like one with bones as it is much tastier and delicious.


Men love food products containing vegetables. Vegetables are a good source of vitamins, dietary minerals, potassium and carbohydrates. They can either be taken in the form of a salad, or in a cooked form.

Men love food dishes made up of vegetables like aubergene, beans, beet, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, potatoes, celery, chard, cucumber, melon, lady fingers, peas, swedes and radish. Majority men consider vegetables to be more beneficial for health as compared to chicken or red meat. 


Delicious fruits are a biggest reason which makes men love food. Fruit is the most natural and fresh food item. Fruits like mango, grapes, melon, banana, apple, strawberry, orange, guava, peach, and watermelon are valuable enough to make men love food.

The biggest advantage of eating fruits is that they are cholesterol free and are simply made up of natural products. Fruits can either be eaten in a raw form, or can also be mixed with desserts and sweet dishes. Men simply love eating fruits.

Milk Products:

Men love food products containing milk. Milk is a greatest source of calcium and makes bones stronger. It is a regular daily life consumable product. Milk is available in a variety of dairy products like cream, butter, cheese, yougurt and ice-cream. Men love food items made up of milk like custard, kheer, ras malai, falooda, bal mithai, kalakand, qulfi, pera, shahi tukray, kulfa and sheer khorma.

Men love food because it serves more of a purpose than it does for women. A nice warm meal can be extremely comforting for a man and can make him feel cared and pampered.

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