The Dirtiest Spots in Your Kitchen

Kitchen is the only place in home that is the center of delicious food and the whole family eats what is being cooked in the kitchen. The one who cooks the meal there either mother or some cook- must aware of the dirtiest places of the kitchen in order to keep the family healthy. 

The breakfast, the lunch and the dinner-all are prepared at this place so there will surely be mess that invites the germs to attack you. Your kitchen required maintenance to avoid germs and dirt. Moreover, you should be aware of the nook and corner that is dirty in your kitchen. If you will not pay attention to the dirty places then the sickening microbes will grow at the rate of millions per day which could make the situation worst indeed.

Moisture in your kitchen can cause germs and the food particles as well. You need to clean up your kitchen for food particles in special because these food particles invites flies to enter your kitchen and spread germs every where. So you need to be very much conscious about the cleanliness of your kitchen and the dirtiest spots in your kitchen that are mentioned below:

Kitchen sink:

The dirtiest spot in your kitchen is your kitchen’s sink that contains a number of germs and bacteria to make you sick. You rinse chicken, mutton and other meat in your sink that left multiple bacteria and pathogens. To avoid these germs, clean your sink immediately after rising raw meat in it. Try to use anti-bacterial cleansing agent once a day on the surface of your kitchen’s sink as it will kill the germs from that particular area.

Sponge, Dish rag:

According to a research in USA, 75% of household sponges and dish rags contain germs on them that cause diseases. According to the experts, you have to avoid the use of same dish rag again and again if you want to get rid of germs and wash it regularly in hot water because hot water tend to kill germs abruptly. Also change your sponges with regular intervals.

Refrigerator and cabinets:

The refrigerator in your skin is another dirtiest spot in your kitchen as it contains raw food (like vegetables) along with cooked meal. Vegetables have soil particles on them that contain germs which can spoil you cooked meal if place with them. You should place vegetables and raw meat after rinsing to avoid the dirt in your refrigerator. Your cabinets in the kitchen have also germs on them that so you need to clean your kitchen cabinets regularly.

The counter top:

Even if you clean your countertop daily, it is not definite that it is free of germs. Though it looks clean from surface level but anything you put on counter have germs on it that also pollute the counter. The best solution is not to put the accessories that contain germs in excess on your countertop.

Rubbish Bin:

There is always a rubbish bin in almost every kitchen to throw the garbage and waste material of kitchen. You need to keep your rubbish bin away from the cooking counter as it contains a number of germs on it. Kitchen’s rubbish bin usually contains rotten fruits and vegetables and their peals; which have germs with them and can pollute your kitchen’s environment. Moreover, it contains disgusting odor that can spoil your mood as well. So, you need to empty your bin once a day and also sterilize it once a week to avoid all above mentioned problems.

Handles and knobs:

Your kitchen is dirty if the handles and knobs in your kitchen are dirty. Usually they look clean with naked eye unless they are made of stainless steel surface, but the reality is totally different and the handles and knobs contain germs in special. The reason is every hand grab them without any hesitation and hands have germs on them. You need to clean them with on daily basis and wash your hand after touching any handle or knob of your kitchen.

Are you aware of the dirtiest spots in your kitchen? The kitchen should be free from germs and dirt if you want to enjoy the delicious meal for healthy life. Let’s check out what are the dirtiest spots in your kitchen.

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