The Best Vitamins For Nails

It is a fact that nails are the most preferred and significant part of your hands. If your nails are not healthy, it means you are facing a vitamin deficiency problem. Healthy, shiny and strong nails are statement of good health. Your hands look good and appealing when your nails are in good position.

If your nails are brittle, dry, damaged and dull then you must think of the essential and best vitamins for nail. A balance diet with all essential nutrition and best vitamins are important for your nails as well. These best vitamins for nail not only make our nails healthy, shiny and strong but also keep them from different nails diseases like fungus, white branding, onychomycosis and many others.

Our nails are composed of Keratin protein. Nails not only require this protein but also the essential yet best vitamins also. Vitamin, Zinc and Iodine are very important for nails health. Below is a list of some best vitamins for nails. Read them carefully and add them in your daily diet to have healthy and shiny nails.

Best vitamins for nails

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the ever best vitamin for nails. Not only this, vitamin C also has a power to encounter harmful effects of sun exposure. Make sure your daily diet includes plenty of vitamin C rich foods such as citrus fruits and fresh green vegetables. Along with this, you can also take vitamin C supplements up to 500-1000 daily. Consult your dermatologist before taking any supplement.

Vitamin E

Researches show that taking 400 units of vitamin e daily helps to reduce the production of cancer-causing cells in skin. Fungus and onychomycosis are the nail diseases that cause due to vitamin E deficiency. Vitamin E also helps to smooth your nails and skin. Fruit juices and leafy vegetables are best source of vitamin E. you can also use lotions and nail creams that contain vitamin E to get rid of dryness and nails damage.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is necessary for the maintenance and repair of nails and skin tissues. Fruits, vegetables and cereals are rich with vitamin A. Deficiency of vitamin A leads to brittle and damage nails. Take fruits (at least 3) in your daily diet. Supplements that contain vitamin A are also a good option. For nails care, you can also use creams and lotions having vitamin A.

Vitamin B and K

Vitamin B and K simultaneously are also important for nails health and shine. Vitamin B and K help to reduce bruises, white and brown branding. If fruits, vegetables and supplements are not easily available due to low budget, use a good quality nail cream or lotion that contains vitamin B and K to shine and sheen of your nails.

Healthy and shiny nails are a sign of good health. If your nails are brittle, hard, dry and discolored, it means your vitamin level is decreasing. Below are some healthy and best vitamins for nails that will stop your vitamin’s deficiency and bring extr

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