The Best Foods for Beautiful Hair

There should be no compromise on beauty, then why to try to get beautiful hair? Hair plays an important role to make a women look attractive and beautiful. Those having long and shiny hair always make others sound like “wow”. To keep your self active and healthy, you need a balance diet. Same is in the case of hairs; you need to take a balance diet comprises on essential vitamins and proteins. What you eat definitely affects the health of your hair so why not eat healthy to get beautiful hair? Following are the best food for beautiful hair.

Green veggies: Green vegetables contain iron in excess which is very good if you want to get healthy hair. To give your hair a healthy boost, just make leafy leaves a part of your regular diet. The green veggies like spinach, broccoli, and salad greens are rich in vitamin A & C which is vital for your sebum production. The minerals in all green veggies make your roots strong and your hair thick.

Salmon: It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and protein as well. If you want to get shiny hair, then don’t avoid eating salmon as it contains vitamin B-12 and iron which are good for making hair look beautiful and shiny.

Milk is essential: For optimal hair growth, milk and other low fat dairy products like cheese, yogurt etc is essential. They are rich in calcium and other necessary minerals which are crucial for your hair growth. Try to take at least a full glass of milk on daily basis; it will add to the beauty of your hair.

Omega-3 fatty acids: The food that contains omega-3 fatty acids is best food for the good health of your hair. Omega-3 fatty acid not only makes your scalp heath better but also leads to the growth of healthy hair. Fish, walnuts, pumpkin seeds are great source of omega-3 fatty acid.

Eggs: For those who love to eat eggs have good news for them. Eggs have protein in excess and also contain biotin and vitamin B-12. All these things make your hair growth better and also give shine to them. Eat the egg in the form you like to eat and give your hair a healthy look.

Walnuts: This dry fruit is very beneficial for your hair as it contains Omega-3 fatty acid and vitamin E. Not only the hair, walnuts also make your skin smooth and give shine to your eyes as well. You can make use of walnuts in deserts, pasta, cakes etc.

Vitamin C: All the foods that contain vitamin C are best for your hair.  Vitamin C strengthens capillaries that help to supply hair shaft. Vitamin C not only makes your hair look healthy and beautiful but also adds glow to your skin. Broccoli, kiwi fruits, oranges, guava, blueberries etc are rich in vitamin C; add them in your diet if you want beautiful hair.

Dark chocolate: If you’re fond of eating chocolate then you must go for dark chocolate. It contains Iron, vitamin B and protein as well. This is the best and delicious food for beautiful hair that no one can resist eating dark chocolate. If you want to make your hair look fabulous then eat up to a bar of dark chocolate daily and boost up the healthy look of your hair.

Green tea: To improve the health of your hair, you must drink green tea. It contains the essential nutrients that are good for your scalp and also if you will wash you hair with green tea, it will give them a shiny look.

These were some best foods that can help you to get beautiful hair. Apart from all these, you have to improve your diet plan to get healthy hair. Say “No” to junk food and also avoid black colas because they eliminate calcium from your body which can damage your hair.

The beauty of a woman is incomplete without beautiful hair. Do you have thin and dry hair and want beautiful one? Here are some foods that can help you to make your hair look beautiful and healthy.

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