The 8 Biggest Health Blunders Everyone Should Avoid

1. Eating those portions of the diet that are really not healthy

Sometimes, while having skim milk, you might think that it’s fat free because all the cream has been removed from it. But, it still have calories. And by having a glass before going to sleep instead of two, will let you gain control on your calories-intake.

Like it there are many other food stuff out there that looks like it’s not going to affect your health. But after considering this, you might take a look again at the food that is in your fridge right now.

2. Do not eat much even if there are vegetables and fruits.

People try to eat much vegetables and fruits thinking that it might not affect their health. They keep eating salad by having in their mind that its fat free and they should not worry about it. But, you should. There could be 450-500 calories in a single salad serving.


Calories are often ignored when considering diet. But, they should not be. Calories play a really important role in losing your weight. And there should be a calculated portion that you should take in your diet.

3. Sleeping less than you need to?


Sleep is considered a well stress-relief solution all over the world. Sleeping less can disturb your insulin activity. And that definitely will not make environment which will help you stay fit.

According to doctor’s recommendation, six hour sleep after every 18 hours is the minimum requirement of your body. But a sleep of eight hours is considered pretty good. So, if you have not slept a minimum of six hours for the last 18 hours, you should go to sleep.

4. Are you planning your diet?

Diet plan

Most people do not care what they eat all day. And not calculating your calories while having your meals for the whole day might be the biggest mistake that you are doing.

The best planner wins it all. You should try to plan how many calories you are going to intake for the rest of the day. If you find it difficult, have some time doing that on a weekend and plan the whole-week diet.

5. Being moderate even if you having a fast food

fast food

Losing weight, controlling your diet or staying fit doesn’t mean that you should not eat any kind of fast food at all. You can have a pizza. You can eat a burger. But be moderate. It is fine to have a normal portion of these. But eating too much sweets after having a pizza? This can cause you a trouble.

6. Missing a meal will not make you smart

skip a meal

Many people think that not having lunch in a day will let them lose weight. Well, actually the case is quite opposite.

When you miss a meal of any time, you might take more than your normal intake in the next meal you have and that can increase the risk of getting fatter instead. Even if you want to miss a meal anyway, make sure that you do not over take in the next. If you do that, you can stay fit and healthy. And it is quite a great option for you.

7. Focus on losing weight

weight loss

Gaining weight is easy. Most of the people say “I want to lose weight”. They are not yet prepared for it. You need to prepare your mind as well while taking all the precautions. Have a “Must do” attitude when it comes to lose weight. Being serious and acting actively on it will definitely help you out.

8. Do not stay on constant exercise level


Starting with a lower weight when you join a gym is a pretty good start. But, that is for starters. People think that by exercising at higher levels, they will get bulky. This is not right. When you stay on same level for a long time, it does not have as much effect on losing weight as increased level would have.

The harder you exercise, more chances there are that you’ll lose in short time.

Keeping your diet healthy will let you look better than ever. If you want to lose weight, we have included the biggest health blunders that you might not know about.

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