Surprising Uses for Seltzer

Seltzer is the natural water contains carbon dioxide which is used as a mixer or beverage. Seltzer water is being drunk throughout the world as a soft drink or as an alternate to juices and other carbonated drinks. This can also relief your upset stomach and can also help you to remove stains from an object. Seltzer is not just for sipping, you can also make use of it in several surprising ways. Cooking, cleaning, preserving and much more! Continue reading to know the surprising uses of seltzer.

Counter cleaner: You can make use of seltzer as a cleanser for your counter. If you have an extra amount of the drink and don’t know what to do with that- then just put few drops of seltzer on your counter and rub it with some cloth to remove the dirt from it. Seltzer has mild acidity that is best for you to clean counter if and only if you’re using strong chemicals for cleaning counter. It will make your counter dirt free and you can also clean your stainless steel accessories with it. The sink in your kitchen will get shine if cleaned with seltzer.

Keep your hair dye fresh: Another surprising use of seltzer is that, you can keep the glory of your hair dye as it is if rinse off with seltzer. Usually your hair color becomes dull when you went into a pool-but seltzer can solve this problem in couple of minutes.

Remove stains from coffee mug: Your coffee mug have stains on it? Don’t worry! Seltzer can remove all the stains from your coffee mug and other crockery of this type. This is best for stain remover and you must give it a try if you want to get rid to all unwanted satins. Instead of soaking your mug into baking soda and water, just clean it with seltzer and solve your problem in couple of seconds.

Feed your plants: Seltzer water can also be used to feed the plants in your garden. If the leftover seltzer has gone flat and unable to drink then you can pour that flat seltzer into the plants that will give them mineral boost and keep them alive for long.

Clean your car’s windshield: You can also cleanup the windshield of your cars with seltzer water. If the wipers of your car are not doing well, then avoid the use of glass cleaner. All you need to do is just fill a spray bottle of seltzer and clean it. You will get best results with no streaks left behind.

Get rust of a screw: If your screw has rusted in a place then don’t throw it. You can remove the rust by pouring soda water or seltzer and leave it for five minutes then clean it. The rust will fade away and you can unscrew the screw easily.

Waffles/pancakes: You can also utilize seltzer water in your baking like waffles or pancakes. It will make your waffles fluffy and you will not resist eating them at once. The carbonation makes your breakfast light and staple.

Mix a diet-friendly drink: Make a juice combo by splashing seltzer into your orange, apple, pomegranate, or pineapple juice. It will contain a few calories and will quench your thirst readily.

Medical remedy: Seltzer water can also be used for medical remedy as it will lessen your stomachache and other pains. This carbonated water is also good for your teeth that don’t destroy them on drinking. Moreover, according to the experts, seltzer decreases the cholesterol level in your body if drunk frequently. Less cholesterol lessens the chances of heart diseases in your body. So, you can drink seltzer without any hesitation.

Stain remover: Seltzer is best for removing stains from clothes also. If you windup spilling food on your clothes accidentally then don’t worry and rush towards the seltzer and pour it on the stain. The carbonated water will readily remove the stain from the cloth.

Have some extra seltzer in fridge and want to utilize it in a good way? Don’t worry! You can use the carbonated water not just for mixing drinks but with these helpful and surprising tips you can make use of it like never before.

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