Summer Health Care Tips for Living a Healthy Summer

This summer as we all have included all the happy colours in our wardrobes, we have added a pinch of innovation with the addition of clothes with a touch of tradition as well as the latest look. But all this will be important if we feel fresh and healthy. During the summer 2011 the best health care tip would be to add a mix of berries to your diet, may it be raw berries such as sliced strawberries, black berries or blue berries. Other than that it would be best to have a berry drink with a mix of all the berries, this would help you load up as antioxidants and prevent damage the tissues and reduce age-related illnesses including high cholesterol problem.

This summer health care tip during 2011 will keep your refreshed as well as hydrated. Relieve yourself with being grounded by the soil, this can be best done by planting a tree or cultivating a flower box, this summer health care tip is best for keeping the physical and mental stress level low. During the summer get out of the house for a summer activity to fulfil the requirements of this summer health care tip that focuses on the fact that being active keeps a man going. Going on a nature walk with your kids or playing a game such as cycling or swimming.

The health care tip of start swimming sheds the feeling of being grounded by the workouts in the gym. Of all these health care tips the most important one is to keep yourself hydrated and well nourished during the summers for the reason of losing more salts and moisture while you sweat. Drink litres of water everyday so the body doesn’t get dehydrated during the summers. Last but not the least a very important health care tip is to protect your eyes with an eyewear, the use of the sunglasses would block at least 99% of ultraviolet A and B rays.

This summer health care tip is one the tips that protect the skin around the eyes from aging and helps you stay refreshed during the harsh summer days.

This summer follow some simple summer health care tips and stay healthy.

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