Styling Mosquito Net Around Your Bed – Protection & Decoration

Tasteful home decor is more than just hand-crafted items and fragrant candles. Sometimes, your home decoration ideas have to balance an element of ‘usefulness’ as well. In the wake of current situation with dengue, all household members have to be vigilant about their health & safety. As a part of your home decoration ideas, you can effectively follow these precautions to reduce the risk of infection:

Remove Plants from Your Bedroom:
Green indoor plants provide a refreshing environment, but the bedroom decoration should wisely exclude them right now. You can always restore them once the high-risk period of dengue fever is over. It is highly recommended because the moisture in plants attract infestations of mosquitoes in your room, which is a big NO-NO for now!

Spray Insecticide Regularly:
Even though this isn’t strictly a part of home decoration ideas, but the hygiene of your family members is directly dependent on this. Some people are reluctant of spraying in their rooms because they believe the furniture items are adversely affected by strong chemicals. You can be assured that the furniture remains intact if the directions on a spray are followed closely – and you don’t spray directly at anything.

Install Mosquito Net around Your Bed:
This is the most effective method for everyone because you can combine an elegant bed decoration with a compelling need of safety. Your bedroom decoration says a lot about your personality. If you aspire to be regal and luxurious, the bed curtains reflect an element of ROYALTY. There’s a reason why fairytale bed decoration is always said to have translucent curtains. You can create a frilly, smooth, or heavy curtain around your bed through a mosquito net. It would certainly require some attention on your part, but the final result would be worth it – in terms of protection and bed decoration.

It can be a fun family project for kids and elders where you can educate your young ones about the importance of being safe from such widespread ailment. Swap bed decoration ideas with the kids and help them embellish their mosquito nets in the form of decent curtains. Not every bed has the design to fix up a curtain, but you can install some temporary equipment to erect the ‘marquee’ for the kids.

Home decoration ideas can be fun and useful. Your bed decoration might inspire other family members to install similar bedroom decoration, and try their best to stay safe against mosquitoes.

Your home decor can epitomize safety - Just see how a fun family project can keep you and your beloveds safe from the prevalent dengue fever.

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