Store Your Firewood Artfully

Whenever winter goes away, it’s a natural tendency to clear the fireplace and hide out all the firewood. Sometimes when you don’t have ample space for storing the huge pile of firewood, it’s great fun to utilize them for the interior decoration of your home and garden.

You can easily decor firewood artfully and bring a dynamic change in the look and feel of your home interior. Following are a few firewood decor ideas that amplify the artistic look of your place along with serving the storage purpose.

Firewood Fence:

When comes to firewood decor ideas, the most functional and useful method is to arrange the stack of firewood around your garden as a fence. You can protect your firewood from the direct sunlight and rain if you first get a shed built around your garden and arrange your firewood underneath this shed to make a fence. This is how you can decor firewood artfully and improve your garden’s aesthetic appeal without spending fortune.

Firewood Fixtures For the Garden:

Making benches and a simple table out of your gone out firewood is another among firewood decor ideas. It’s very easy to arrange your firewood such that a bench shape is achieved. But if you find it difficult to build your own garden fixtures yourself, you can also store your firewood underneath the made benches and centre table of your garden. It would enhance the design of your outdoor furniture.

How To Decor Firewood Artfully In The Living Room:

  • There are several firewood decor ideas that can bring a dynamic change in your living room. For instance, you can get decorative shelves built around your TV rack and place firewood in.
  • You can even decor firewood artfully along one of the walls of your living room. It would add to the life of your living room interior design by imparting an organic texture to the wall.
  • Arranging firewood underneath the stairs is another way to decor firewood artfully.
  • Among the firewood decor ideas, the most practical one is to arrange firewood in the fireplace such that it fills it fully from top to bottom. It gives a cozy appearance to your living room.
  • It’s very easy to build up firewood racks to place books in. You can tie the fire logs to make a handmade firewood bookrack.
  • To break the monotony of a huge single color wall with firewood decor ideas, you can get a rack built inside the wall to place firewood. Firewood decor ideas are all about bringing nature to your room and manifold the charm of your place.
  • Another among fabulous firewood decor ideas is to shape them into a big rectangular block and place as a centre table in the midst of sofa. To decor firewood artfully, you can add a glass top fixed on this firewood centre table. This is the perhaps the simplest way of using firewood for an ultimate interior design which has a rustic and organic appeal.

Wait... Don’t throw away your firewood in the storeroom when the season is out. You can decor firewood artfully to bring a dynamic change in your home and garden interiors. It’s time to look for some firewood decor ideas.

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