Stop The Stress Eat Cycle

Some people don’t eat merely to satisfy their hunger but to cope up their stress. When life is full of stress, you could find yourself gaining some weight. Many people tend to eat food high in sugar and fat to get rid of stress while some eat less or skip meals. Do you think that eating at the time of stress fix your emotional problems? Unfortunately it is wrong. Emotional eating cycle make you feel worse. Whether you eat more or little when you face stress, you are inviting poor weight.

When a person begins to feed his stress, it is the beginning of a destructive cycle. You eat in stress so your choice of food can be wrong and even worse. When you eat chocolate, ice cream, pizza and cookies in stress, you may get relief from depression and stress. But unfortunately that feeling of relaxation and relief stay only for seventeen seconds.

Did you know that before? After relief of seventeen seconds, your stress returns with guilty of over eating and you may feel the need for another bout of eating. This way cycle repeats itself and continues. You need to break your stress eat cycle. Do you want to break the emotional eating cycle? Simply, bring some changes in your lifestyle and support yourself to stick to that lifestyle.

Identify the Feelings:

The first step to break the cycle is to identify the feelings when you are stressed. Identify the causes that trigger your stress. Focus on what places, situation and feelings make you feel depressed. Do remember, emotional eating is closely associated with unpleasant or most pleasurable feelings. Emotional eating can be triggered by positive emotions as reward after achieving the desired goal.

Distract Your Attention:

The best thing is to distract your attention after becoming aware of the feelings of depression. To divert your attention, busy yourself in the activities which are source of pleasure for you. Find the other ways to feed your stress. Do anything else instead of eating. For emotional fulfillment, find out the alternatives to the food. You can spend time with your family and friends or read books to get rid of stress.

Substitute Relaxation for Food:

Relaxation is the best substitute for emotional eating. Whenever you feel stress and you are about to open refrigerator to find something to eat, take a relaxation break. To induce emotional calm in you, take assistance from deep breathing and rapid relaxation.

Don’t Skip Breakfast:

If you want that you don’t become the prey of emotional eating cycle then do remember to take healthy breakfast. Skipping any meal can make you feel tense and edgy but skipping breakfast declines your energy and strength.

It is necessary to start your day with right nutritional food. Researchers have showed that eating nutritious breakfast makes your mood more pleasant and alert than high fatty and high carbohydrate breakfast. Eating less healthy or skipping breakfast reduces your strength and lowers your ability to face stress. Refuel you with healthy breakfast after sleep of eight hours at night.

Drink Water:

When you feel stressed, drink maximum water. For your body to function properly and help you in coping up with stress, make habit of drinking maximum eight glass of water per day.

Stress eating means to eat a lot or skip the meal at the time of depression. Some people tend to focus on eating when they feel stressed as the remedy to get relief from stress. Unfortunately that emotional eating is making you worse.

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