Stay Healthy and Fit with Proper & Balance Diet

As your personality and impression depend upon stylish and suitable clothing and related accessories, same is the case with your health and fitness. Your health needs proper diet and good food at all.

Every one of us wants to look smart, healthy and fit both from physical and mental point of view. As our personality, over all look and style depend upon our health and fitness. Only a healthy and fit person can enjoy his/her personality, charm and whole life. Beside this, the clothes, styles and other personality grooming things only look good when one is healthy and fit.

We all know the importance of exercise, workout practices, yoga and other physical activities to attain good health but few of us exactly have proper guidance and adequate knowledge of diet and good food towards quality health.

Our health and over all fitness heavily depend upon our eating habits, specially the diet and food which we take. Proper intake of healthy and hygienic food and a balance diet count a lot in building and maintaining good health.

In this special health related article, we are giving you some very basic and essential knowledge on health essential diet and food. By practicing these knowledge and by adding these diet and food in your daily routine, you can not only gain quality health but also regain your lost health and fitness in case of any disease.

Health essential diet and food:

  • Before practicing these balance diet and proper food knowledge, first of all, review your eating habits. Bad eating habits, excessive and over eating is hazardous for your health. Eating small quantities with short intervals between meals can help you in gaining and maintaining quality health.
  • Water is an essential part of quality health. Drinking plenty of water is necessary as it delivers nutrients to the body. Beside water, drink a glass of fresh fruit juice daily. It will not only maintain your body fitness and gives you extra energy but rejuvenates your skin also.
  • Add fresh and raw fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Food which comprises of vitamin C, vitamin D and fiber should be eaten daily. These raw fruits and vegetables are the main source of above mentioned vitamins and fiber. So, you must add fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet/food to have a good and quality health.
  • Use anti-oxidant food items (like blue barriers, oranges, lemon, pine apple and turmeric) in your daily diet. You can use turmeric powder instead of a piece of it. Add a pinch of turmeric powder in a glass of hot milk and drink daily. This turmeric mixed milk gives you double benefit. The turmeric eliminates extra fats and toxins and also repairs your internal wounds, and the milk provides you calcium which is as well necessary for bones and over all growth.
  • Avoid cheese, butter and mayonnaise. Use low fat dairy products and skimmed milk. Low fat dairy products extremely help you in reducing weight. This type of diet and food are also helpful to overcome Protein-Energy Malnutrition.
  • Food and diet which is full of carbohydrates are also essential for quality health. Take whole grains, soya beans, pulses, porridge and nuts twice in a week. These full of carbohydrates diet resists starch and also supply serotonin, which control body’s dysfunctions and reduce stress.

In the end, you must have mental satisfaction and complete mental health as your mental serenity is very much correlated with your quality health and over all fitness.

As your personality and impression depend upon stylish and suitable clothing and related accessories, same is the case with your health and fitness.

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