Stay cool, Fight stress.

You may have heard these so many relaxing sentences like Oh come on, be bold, be a man, take it easy, just forget it, it’s ok, etc many times in your life. When you are in tension or facing some trouble you need somebody to help you and to encourage you with relaxing sentences.

Did you ever think what does it mean? How do we satisfy within a few seconds after listening to these sorts of sentences?  Don’t you think that it’s a small miracle? These relaxing sentences have actually got the magical effects. They have their own charisma to do a trick. They make you feel happy and relax that might only be for a little while you feel better than before. Now, we are going to tell you what you should do? First of all try to stay away from the things that might create tensions and problems but if they catch you then don’t be afraid from them, otherwise they will hang on you. Anyhow, secondly start thinking positively. We are sure that if you will think positive then you will act positive.

Now try to concentrate on the action plan, through which you can make yourself to feel cooler.
Don’t panic, this just add another level of stress without giving you any benefit.
Live one day at a time, enjoy the positive things you do have, like your health, the love of your family and friends and your hobbies as well.

List your sources of stress and then try to reduce them through your will power.
Sort out your priorities and tackle the important things first, learn the differences between urgent and important.

Talk your problems through, a problem shared truly is a problem halved. Others may have insights and experiences that may help you. Get expert advice if necessary.

Learn your job properly, and try to maintain perfectionism.

Learn how to manage your time, sometimes you must have time for recreation, a hobby and most importantly, a daily quiet period just for contemplation.

List your ambitions and aspirations, be realistic. 
Eat sensibly and exercise.

Learn relaxation and practice it regularly. Like everything, the more you practice it the better you become at it.

To help you relax, set aside 15 minutes, organize some peaceful warm, surroundings where you will not be disturbed, and recreate the experience of your aromatherapy massage. Light a couple of candles and turn off the lights in your chosen room, add a few drops of the oils that were used in your massage, to a bath or as a room fragrance, play the relaxation music you listened to during your massage and just enjoy. Read some book of your own choice. Talk to some friend whom you trust a lot, and share whatever you want.

The last but not least, try to allocate your sharing’s with your one and only God. Communicate with him and then you will experience the feelings you had never before.


When you are in tension or facing some trouble you need somebody to help you and to encourage you with relaxing sentences.

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