Skinny Genes: The DNA Diet

The trend of dieting is emerging day by day and girls in special are very much conscious about their weight. They think that eating less food can make them skinny and slim. It is true but just for time being! You need to know about the diet that is perfect for your DNA because it is the only way that can make your genes skinny and build up your personality.

Genes do play a role in your weight gain and weight lose, so you need to know that what type of food is best for your genes so that you can shape your body according to your will. Dieting doesn’t work for all people and this is proven scientifically. If you want to become skinny then you should eat the food that is good for you. You can have a DNA test in order to detect your DNA diet. Here is the DNA diet for skinny genes that you want.

A Low Fat Diet:

There are many families that have heart diseases and cholesterol problems. If you are one of those families then your diet must contain low fats as it will be better for your health. Food with low fats will help you in weight loss and also help you to avoid all the diseases caused by fats. If you want to feel lethargic then you have to eliminate fatty foods and carbohydrates from your diet (not completely). So, this is your DNA diet for skinny genes if you have the above mentioned problems.

A Low Crab Diet:

If you have high fats on your body then you are close to the risk of high blood pressure and heart diseases and diabetes. Try that you waist will not become greater than 35 inches because it increase the risk of many diseases that could be very dangerous for your health. If you lower your weight then it will also help you to lower your blood pressure. Make your self skinny and internally healthy at the same time by eating a low crab diet.

Balance Diet:

A balance diet is good for every type of body and essential for every individual. A balance diet helps you to remain healthy by eating everything in a balanced way. You can add all the food that is good for your genes in your daily diet chart. Balance diet also secures you from various diseases. In a balance diet, all you have to do is make fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins an important part of your diet.

Raw Vegetables:

Vegetables are best in every way. People usually prefer to eat cooked veggies to make their taste better, but if you want skinny genes and want to look smart then you have to eat fresh and raw vegetables as they contains vitamins in excess. Veggies like carrot, reddish, tomato etc could be eaten in their raw form and you will get the best results for sure.


Salads are essential for weight loss so you need to make salad an important part of your diet. You can cut your favorite vegetables in slices and sprinkle some black pepper on it for your taste. It will make your body look slim and also keep you healthy.

Fresh Fruits:

You can also opt for fresh fruits that contain vitamins and fibers. Instead of eating fast food when you feel hungry, just take an apple and eat it up. Fruits that have sugar in excess should be avoided because they can increase the sugar level of your body to great extent and also makes you look fatty as well.

This is all about the DNA diet for skinny genes. A part from diet, you also need to take exercise on daily basis as it is another best way to become skinny, slim and active. Morning walk is also good for your health and keeps you fresh throughout the day.

Are you on diet for loosing weight? There are thousand of diet charts that exist but do you know which one is better for you? You many get your answer through your DNA.

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