Second Baby Coming? Prepare the First Child

The happiness and love that your first baby brought in your life is beyond measure. Now you have come to know that you are expecting a second child. It is time to move on, lady!

Addition of a new baby to the family is blessing. Having a second child can be as overwhelming as having the first. You may feel some fear and apprehensions regarding your first child as second child will bring new challenges. Having a new baby in family may be one of tougher things your older child has to deal with.

As you conceived second time, you are worried about how to prepare your first child for his/her new baby sibling. It is important to prepare first child when you know that you are expecting a new baby. Luckily, you will have nine months for preparing your child about new one.

Some parents think that their older baby will be jealous of new baby. So it is important for parents to prepare your first child. Get your older child ready to welcome your second baby. Here are some suggestions to prepare your toddler for pending family addition. There are many things that you can do to make adjustment easier for older child.

When your second baby is on the way, prepare your toddler by explaining it as a blessing for your older child because your child needs to hear it from you, not from someone else. You can explain that it is going to be a wonderful time and can tell him that he will have a new sibling to play with and to spend time with. You have to instill a sense of excitement, responsibility and anticipation in your first child.

Be careful about the timings of any major changes. If you plan to shift your baby to a new bedroom then do it before the arrival of new baby. So your older child doesn’t feel that he is displaced by new baby. This will reduce the chances of your child blaming new baby for changes. If your child has to share his room with new born baby then prepare him for new roommate.

You can prepare your child by telling him stories about loving sisters and brothers. In such way you can give him a chance to ask questions and vent feelings inspired by stories. Mentally prepare your child about becoming a big sister or brother. Talk to your child about the importance of new baby and always be positive in introducing new baby.

Some parents fear that jealousy of new baby can make their older child hurt the new child. To counter this effectively, tell your child about baby care and practice while being gentle with new babies by purchasing a baby doll for your child.

By following above mentioned tips, your first baby will see the second baby as an extension of family, not a replacement. Maintaining a positive attitude and open dialogue with your older child will help you to promote a successful transition.

Becoming the mother of second child is indeed a blessing of God. When you come to know about the arrival of second child, a mother naturally becomes worried about the well-being of her first child. This is a normal feeling.

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