Reasons to be Proud of Being a Mom

Mothers are great. We are not saying that they are not fathers. Let's just say the world is a little biased towards mothers, however, because they really win by a few points over dads when it comes to delicious cooking and getting the best gifts.

When we are born we cannot imagine our life without our mother in the first few years. So why only the first few years? Nobody can imagine their whole life without their mother because they are such strong pillars for us. Mothers are special beings. They are like superheroes in human form. You are also like some kind of angel.

We all grew up with the love and care of our mothers, and now we are one of them. So when someone asks you about your experience as a mother, tell them that you are happy and satisfied. Instead of making people think that there is nothing special about being a mom, you should be proud of who you are. This is no ordinary job and there are reasons here to be proud of being a mom.

1. You brought new life to this planet

It is an honor, a privilege and a blessing to bring new life to this planet. Not everyone can. You could and you did. And you should be proud that you took a step forward in bringing new life and advancing humanity. It is indeed a sacred and noble act.

2. You raise children

As a mother, your job doesn't just end with the birth of children. You train them, and that training is not just limited to doing their schoolwork. You will also teach them manners and manners, give them life lessons and teach them how to be a good person in general. You teach them things that no school can ever teach and therefore you are their main source of knowledge and answers on anything and everything in life.

3. you make sacrifices

Some mothers give up careers and jobs to raise their children and focus on them. At other times, it's your personal time, salon appointments and school events, doctor visits, etc. You make sacrifices to keep from leaving. When the children want more food, take it off the plate and give it away. to them when there is nothing left at the table. They do everything to keep children happy and content, and they make many compromises and sacrifices in the process. And that's something you should really be proud of, because not everyone does that.

4. You are a multitasker

You are like a doctor, teacher, playmate, counselor and much more to your children. They're multitasking to sort out their clothes, meals, homework, playtime, health, and everything else. It is a skill that only develops when you are a mother and take care of the children, and no one else has the energy and enthusiasm to do so much for another in life. Only mothers do this every day for indifferent hours and tirelessly for a lifetime.

5. You know best

You gave birth to your children and saw them grow very close. Only you know what their mood swings and tantrums are like, and only you know how to cheer them up on a dreary day. No television, no nanny, no friend can be as much as you and as much as possible around them. They know what is best for their lives in general, and perhaps this is why children turn to their mothers on the most important questions.

It's quite common for people to ask new mothers why they choose to have children. It's also easy for people to say that they don't want children because it's a lot of work. But the truth is, once you have kids, it's all worth it. And all mothers stand for it! You should take pride in being a mom because you bring happiness and joy to your children like no one else can.

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